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Try playing your Xbox on the bus. Try to enjoy the ultra realism of your PS2 while on the clock. How are you going to pass the time at school with that chunky Game Cube sticking out of your book bag?

Take the old school Super Nintendo and shrink it down so it fits in your hand. Get the Platnium model – it’ll make you look less like a geek who subscribes to Nintendo Power. Now that everyone is looking get used to the cramped feel, it’s small. Hey, if you play this thing for hours on end you have bigger problems. The front-lit screen works great, solidly folding shut when not in use. The unit is small enough to be carried in your pants pocket – unless you’re one of those boys that wear tight, girl/”rock & roll” pants. You boys have other issues.

The music and sound effects are great, lifted straight from the SNES. For some reason there’s no headphone jack. How does a video game giant like Nintendo overlook a basic feature like this in the year 2003? The include battery charger folds up nicely so you can carry it undetected into the conference room at your next meeting. If anyone asks, tell them it’s a PDA.

Good luck getting your hands on one of these. Most stores received limited shipments. Ask your friend at the electronic stores to check the availability. The game selection is huge, playing everything back to the Gameboy Color. With games like Metroid Prime and Madden 2004 coming soon this is a solid system to pick up if you’re rarely home long enough to blow the dust off your old Playstation.

Written by Seth Werkheiser – seth@buzzgrinder.com

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