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Nintendo DS/DSi Game Review: Super Scribblenauts

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Tons of fun and insanely addictive, Super Scribblenauts is a game sure to please a large audience of puzzle loving gamers! Super Scribblenauts is the follow-up to the original and wildly popular Scribblenauts and game play runs along the same line, as far as game objective and play. Players must decide what is needed to complete a goal, in each scene and level. If a ladder is needed to reach a cliff, etc, then the player must go to the notepad, write “ladder” and then a ladder will appear on the game screen. The player must then correctly place the ladder to enable Maxwell, the Starite collector, to solve a puzzle and/or goal of the scenario. Some are incredibly simple, some require thought and all allow for amazing creativity.

Honestly, as soon as I received this game, I popped the cartridge into my DSi and was hooked for a good couple of hours. I loved it. It was enormously fun, entertaining and just plain addictive. Often times, I found myself thinking – okay, I’m going to finish this scenario and then I am going to close the game up. Needless to say, that didn’t happen as my eyes continued to scan the screen, my mind continued it’s creative processing and my fingers continued to tap away with the stylus.  I admit that I became (and still do) stumped on a few scenes, however the ability to purchase hints is a very handy one.  I am a rather picky gamer and it is not overly often that I find myself truly hooked on a game, Super Scribblenauts is one of those that quickly has become a favorite and with it’s replayablity and continuousness, it is sure to stay that way for a very long while.

What makes Super Scribblenauts different from the previous Scribblenauts?  Several things, actually.  In this newest version, there is a very definitive adjective system which allows players to be more specific with words, as well as word combinations, which bring objects and scenes to life in a more advance way than previously.  There are 120 new levels for players to play through, each very unique and different, an updated dictionary, multilayered hints, dynamic merit system, an immediate feedback system, new controls and a new level editor.  Also, players are given the choice to control Maxwell, via the use of the stylus or the D-pad.  This is a rather pleasant choice, in my opinion.  All of these updates and changes make for an awesome playing experience for all ages. The more creative the player becomes, the more points (ollars) that are earned.  What can you do with your ollars?  Purchase hints as well as the ability to purchase new avatars.  To move on to the next level, Maxwell must complete and solve the current scenerio and reach the starlite.  Once this is accomplished, Maxwell moves on to the next level.

Creativity and vocabulary expansion is a definite strong point of Super Scribblenauts.  The only drawback that I have, thus far, discovered is the fact that in a few of the puzzles, it is difficult to try to figure out exactly what the game is asking the player to do.  After much trial and error and a couple of hint purchases, the object can be figured out, but can lead to a bit of frustration along the way.  Other than that, I really have no faults against the game. 

One other feature to Super Scribblenauts is the ability to create your own puzzle.  Once you finish, you are able to upload your completed game as well as view other players’ creations via Nintendo WFC,  This is a feature that I have not experimented with, however, so am not able to provide any feedback in this area. 

All in all, I have to say that I highly recommend Super Scribblenauts to gamers of all ages who love to play puzzle games and use their brains for a bit of creative fun.   An excellent way for kids to expand their vocabulary and an excellent way for adults to kick back, relax and have some fun!

Super Scribblenauts is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief.

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