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Nintendo DS Review: Zoobles! Spring Into Fun

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Zoobles are adorable little creatures created by Spin Master who is also the creator of the hot toy Bakugon. Zoobles come from a world call Zooble Isle and you find them curled up in a little ball. There are a variety of Zooble playsets available and now a Zoobles video game for the Nintendo DS offered through Activision.

In Zoobles! Spring To Life, you start out with one Zooble that you need to take care of. As you travel through the different worlds, you will earn Zoints (points) for taking care of your Zooble by playing with it, petting it, feeding it, etc. If you collect enough Zoints, you can travel to other Zooble worlds and meet other Zooble friends for your Zooble to play with.

Your Zooble starts out with an unfurnished Happitat to live in. As you find different collectible items on your travels, you earn furniture to put in your Happitat. Your Happitat is where your Zooble lives. It will sleep there at night and you can give it a bath, cook, dress up and more. You can also change the style of your Happitat as well. Your Happitat also includes a garden where you can grow vegetables to cook with or to eat. You need to find the seeds and remember to water it for it to do well. You can also play with toys with your Zooble like throw a ball back and forth or blow bubbles. You earn Zoints for each activity do you do.

The top screen of the game keeps track of your Zooble’s status for hunger, happiness and cleanliness. You will also be able to read information about your Zooble and suggestions about what you should do on the top screen. There is a map on the top screen as well. You do need to be able to read to play this game as the words are not read aloud. Your game is saved whenever you put your Zooble to bed or you can touch the icon on the world select screen to save your game. You move throughout the game using either the stylus to direct your Zooble or the directional keys on your Nintendo DS. You pick up things by running into them.

There are six different worlds you can play in. Each one is different. You cannot take your Zooble or its stuff from one world to the next so you start over on each world. There are eighteen different Zoobles you can play with in the game. Specially marked packages contain your own exclusive Zooble toy and card inside.

Zoobles! Spring To Life is definitely loads of fun to play and slightly addictive. The graphics and animation are surprisingly quite good for this type of game. I had a really hard time putting the game down because I wanted to collect just a few more Zoints to see what the next prize is that I could unlock. The game would make a fantastic gift for any little girl who loves taking care of pets and magical creatures.

Zoobles! Spring To Life is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB

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