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Nintendo DS Review: Style Savvy

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Style Savvy is a surprisingly engaging fashion sim game. You play a boutique owner who must keep the store stocked with a variety of fashions and please the clients. Customers come in and ask you to help them find something, ranging from "I need a new winter coat" to "pick out a new look for me." If you are confident in your choice you can have the customer try it on straight away. If they like it, they may buy another item from you. If they don't, you can sometimes talk them in to liking it. If you are unsure, you have up to three tries to "show" the customer before they try it on, but even if they love it they won't buy more from you.

Style Savvy is realistic in certain aspects; you have to go to the buyer's center and visit up to a dozen designer spaces to choose which brands and items you will carry. The game claims to have 10,000 unlockable wardrobe items. Customers have a budget range, and you must stay within that range or they will not buy. Clothing is priced realistically between a few dollars for basics to several hundred for high-end; budgets run a similar gamut. The game allows for layering wardrobe pieces.

The most frustrating part is that customers don't always give you a lot of direction as to what they want. One customer may come in in jeans and a sweater, and ask you to pick out a skirt for her – no other direction. Each character has a single-line profile about them, which range from useful (occupation) to trivial (hopes to one day be fashionable). I feel as though more often than not the customers don't like what I have picked out, but offer no further guidelines.

The fictional designers run the gamut from goth, punk, preppy, formal, basics, club, cutesy, retro, and more. I'll admit, there were more than a few pieces I would wear in real life. Each wardrobe item you purchase for the shop is also sent to your personal wardrobe. You can change your outfit whenever you like, and you can buy yourself new hairstyles, colors, and cosmetics. You can also take part in fashion competitions, hosted by a transvestite named Rococco.

Unlike other DS fashion sims, Style Savvy feels appropriate for a wider range of ages. While certainly geared towards tweens, as an adult I am oddly addicted to it. Apparently my fashion obsession knows no bounds. The game play can sometimes be repetitive, as there is really only one task, but it is perfect when you need a quick, relaxing distraction.

Style Savvy is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB

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About Alyse

  • Hanna

    He does not take you out on Valentines Day. He does get you something on your birhday and I wish he would date me!

  • May


  • Smile

    Ok! I have had this game for 3 years and it got deleted! And I hardly play so no dates! I’m playing up now 4 stars in 3 days!!!!

  • Dominic <3

    I love dominic, i don’t care if he’s just talking pixels!

  • star711

    please answer

  • star711

    buy all of the clothes you see in only one day and then he will ask?

  • Saskia

    Has anyone else ever discarded all their stock so they could buy more? Cos I’ve got full stock and loads of cash but no stock room!

  • BunnyBun

    Hi, btw it’s not tru that u need all the clothes to go on a date wiv Dominic. I mean it!But there has to be SUM WAY to date him, what’s the point in all those hints? Wish I knew!

  • alli

    jajaja my aunt is IN LOVE with this game, i let her borrow it once and she threatens to steal my DSi if i don’t let her play it lololol (of course i play it with her)

  • Blank

    If you are going to have to buy ALL the things from the Buyer Center wait till Sunday and buy all the hings you can buy from ONE brand, if you are finished buying things from that brand move on to the next brand. (I think the easiest way to get to Sunday is changing the date)

  • person muffin

    huh? i got 1000 customers, NO thing happened, exept desparate renee commenting on the fact. after u get 1000 customers, how does he ask u? also trying the all-the-clothes method

  • bubblebum-pie

    at first, i didn’t think i would like the game i’m not the fashion type , but after i was like “ok, this is cool” and kept going. then out of nowhere, this cute guy shows up and i wuz like OMG!! HOTNESS!!! renee was annoying me a bunches but i learned to ignore it(the little brat-face!). after i finished the game, i was like “…uuum… now what??” i thot it wuz one of those games that stopped and that was it. I wuz SOOO happy it wasn’t those kinds! then after like a month or so, i got to 1000 customers. HOLY CRAP!!!! dominic ASKED ME OUT!!!!! AAH!!! the game just got better and better:D i almost cried hahaha!!

  • keasa

    YES YOU HAVE TO BUY ALL THE CLOTHES ive done it so i should know. It is easy; you just buy all the stuff from one brand, etc. You dont need stock space, just get one of each and put them all on mannequins or sell straight away. Dominic asked me to ‘restraunt de fleur’! Oh BTW he wont ask you as soon as youve got the clothes he will ask you the next day.

  • jasmin101

    is there cheats for style savvy pleasseeee be some money in style savvy is very hard to earn and dominic does not ask you out on valentimes day for a date

  • jasmin101

    wow I guess everybody is scared of me cause no ones writing back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jasmin101

    and i dont think you hae to buy alll the clothes just to go on a date with him and marry him

  • jasmin101

    okay if u cant spell stuff correctly then dont write at all cause what some people are writing you can barely understand so!!

  • jasmin101

    i completed the game in like 4 days and he never kisses u and i just started a new game and im taking it slowww but its boring when u take it slow and plus if he does date u then i should stop taking it slow then right,anyway if he does take u on a date on valentimes day then im gonna try that right now and see if its true and ill probaly beat the game in 2 more days and ill see if he kisses u

  • Alicia

    This is so awesome! I wuz wondering when Dominic kisses you and you guys said he goes ona date wit u on valentines day valentines day is in 3 days! I’ve played the intrnational comp. and I think that after a while u start getting bored but dont give up when u get 2 1000 customersyou hav NOT finished the game if u havent kissed dominic yet u havent finished da game cuz he does kiss u at da end. My cuz wuz teasin me 4 bein in luv w/a video game. Tell da truth, I when i wuz 6 used to dress up in my bathing suit and do dances in the basement and pretend dat i wuz doin them on dis winx club boy & then i started 2 think da boy w/ the spiky hair from Yu-Gi-Oh was kinda cute.


    what sux is dat i only have 300 customers so im gonna play non stop! DOMINIC WILL BE MINE!!!!

  • Style skyler

    YOU HAVE TO BUY ALL THE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAN!

  • Skyyy

    Wait??? What do ya mean by buy all the clothes??? like at the buyers center or what?? IM CONFUSED!!!
    BUT i will do anything to get dominic!!!!

  • Style Skyler

    OMG!!!!!! I need 600 more costomers to get to 1000 so i can KISS DOMINIC!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!
    This is the best style/romance game EVER!!!!! I hope i get to kiss him soon!!

  • Kate

    does dominic kiss u and when does he kiss u and ask u on a date?

  • emem

    OMG i got this game 1 yr ago. ive beaten it 2 many times 2 count. im trying 2 get $99,000 so i can buy loads of stuff. do u have 2 get all the clothes 4 dominic 2 ask u out. i just got 2 600 customers so im not concerned about tht

  • anon.

    Oh, and I have had 1000 customers already but it’s going to take ages to buy ALL of the pieces of clothing from ALL of the brands. Especially seeing that they change a lot! It would be hard to tell if you had bought all of them! I also need more stock space but it says I have to sell 20 mannequin outfits and sell something else I can’t remember AS WELL!
    I really like this game but it’s so annoying when it takes you ages to get more stock space etc.!
    At first I thought Renee was a bit stuck up but she soon enough realises whos boss! lol!

  • anon.

    I won the international comp. AGES ago and after comps he always says “I’ll walk you home…OH, I just remember I have to do something, I’ll get grace to take you!” It’s sooooo annoying! How long do I have to wait or what do I have to do?

  • yza

    so you have to get ALL the clothes of ALL the brand? like every piece of clothing just to get Dominic to date you? i’ve passed 1000 customer already.

  • Tara

    LOL. I finished the game, He Never dates you. Yes, he is adorable for an ANIMATION. but just remember, hes an ANIMATION. XD.

  • keasa

    i know how to go on a date with dominic. when i got 1000 customers dominic didnt ask me on a date so i got all the clothes (you need, like, 190,000 shop funds) and he came in saying “i cant hold back any longer”. he does that on the begginer contest too and instead of taking me on a date for winning the B Comp he says something random like the contest was for begginers only! Durr! We actually know that. Then Roccoco comes and blabs on about it aswell,taking dominic seriously, not knowing he said that to hide his embarrasment. He takes you to an event and libby takes a picture of me and dominic! πŸ™‚

  • Abby Dasid

    I think…

  • Abby Dasid

    I restarted my game cuz Dominic stopped comin and I set it to every freakin holiday u can imagine an he still never aksed me on a date…. He never marries u btw. The game ends when u finish the internatinol contest and become the best stylist in the world. BUT… I haven’t seen the credits yet.

  • Sadie

    I set my game on valentines day and NOBODY even said anything about valentines day! I set it to my bday and the only thing Dominic did was give me a fancy princess outfit and cake thats it. How do you get him to go on a date with u?

  • 12Aqua12

    you guys do know there is a whole dominic fangirl club and stuff like that, lost of people are asking if you end up dating him.
    thanks for the review too, i love the game and right now im 12 and i thought that it was pathetic that i still loved this game and now knowing its okay to like it i play non stop :3

  • Unknown

    I want this game so bad

  • To dogzo ;D

    lol my fave brands are Mad Jack and Raven Candle :3

  • kvfkfkv

    Well he is my boyfriend in style savvy and i don’t have all the clothes you just need 1000 costumers so hope that helps

  • kutiepie

    Im really wondering if he really kisses, or goes on a date with myy character. Bcuz he is sooooooooooooo kute like me (hence my name) hehe jkjkjk But if he does kiss her please tell the truth cuz its wastin my precious time. OK? Thankz πŸ™‚

  • a person whos impatient

    Dominic doesnt even ask to walk me home… I guess he’s only interested in some people. It’s SO fustrating that Godfrey gives all those hints when you’re about to enter the inter comp and it comes to nothing at all. Godfrey is so HARSH! Oh and like Stley said why doesn’t he walk me home???

  • naomi

    ATTETION ALL DOMINC LOVERS…if your wondering if dominicwill evr ask you on a date the answer is yes after you finished the game DONT GIVE UP just wait he does ask you just wait till he invites you to a party and also you desighn a line with dazies and az-usatake my advice peole dont give up just wait and be patient xoxoxo naomi AKA style savvy and dominic fan!!! ps: lol i cant believe i fallen for him a cartoon dude but a cute cartoon dude

  • Anonymously Amazing

    in this game there are like no limits, just make yourself a personal goal and possibly maybe your dominic dream will come true, like get all the clothes, 1000 visitors, etc ;’3

  • Stley

    Ive got a question PLEASE ANSWER at the end ov inter comp dominic doesnt ask to walk me home it just goes to the credits and after it goes to the main menu WHY IS THAT??

  • me

    yeah ive had the game since x mas and i won in 1 day and i really want to date dominic he blushes at the end of inter. con. and i am waiting for him to take me on a DATE!

    ps. BTW if you cant even SPELL the word you should not be here! it gets annoying!!!

  • Dimininc Fan


  • Dominic Fan

    Well he doesn’t date u on ur b day, but he gives you the compleate masquerade fiary princess costume set… and gives u one UGLY birthday cake. lol. Apperantly it’s not enough to just get 1,000 customers… so just listen to everyone else and get every piece of clothing at the buyers center. (Get all of the masquerade crap at different contests) It is harder than u think. I’m working on it right now…

  • karla

    i got the game the first day it came out and i finished it in just one day (not playin) evr since i saw godfrey talkin bout him in my store i new he like me and today was the day i got 1000 customer s sooo now i need to do is wait 6 months or watever and buy all of the clothes. but i wana get dominic sooo badly

  • Da name is Lee

    I dunno, I get bored super easily. But I’ll do anything to get Dominic. It’s just so weird that I heard he dates you on Valentine’s Day, and my birthday is on Valentine’s Day! So cool, and the perfect excuse!

  • keasa

    yes dominic is cute just keep playing even if it is boring and he mmiigghhtt ask you out…*hint* you girls can do it! Also Renee is acting all jealous and grace is ASWELL. freaky.

  • Da name is Lee

    I hope what people are saying about the main character and Dominic is true. I mean, he has it all! Good looks, polite, what else? You can’t even find guys like that in real life! Well, some of you can. But anyways, I am now in LOVE with him!!!

  • Renee

    Maybe I should’ve read the rest of the comments first. *hitting my head* Thanks!

  • Renee

    Okay, so I beat the game in 3 days. I’m so confused about the whole Dominic thing. Does he ever ask the character out? Aside from him, the only other thing is Renee (the obsessive girl from Grace’s shop) and at first I thought she just has the same name as the main character (cause that’s my name!) but is that REALLY her name?!

  • kelly

    i LOVE this game! dominic is soo CUTE! he acts all shy and that is cute! on your b-day he gives you a present.(a fairy costume) which is awkward! i love how he kisses you! but he is so shy to tell you he likes you. which i think is also weird. but anyway i got this game on my b-day.(june 28th) and i loved it! don’t ever restart your game! or you won’t see dominic. bye!

  • steph*luv

    *girly scream* i luv dominic so much. style savvy is one of the best games ive EVER played. i dont know. dominic was always cute but after seeing these comments i cannt ever stop playing till we’re 2gether.

  • keasa

    yes you have to get all the clothes in your wardrobe and when he comes in to ask you out he said he wants me to wear penbridge coz its his fave brand, not kidding! Ill tell you where you go you go to a fancy restraunt and you get the option of kissing or breaking up and if you choose kissing its the end of the game and in the credits it shows our wedding and rennee is CRYING!

  • poppyj1

    buy all the clothes ye ok!!1

  • poppyj1

    i thik dominic is so cute i relly want to out wiv him but how i am on a 1000 people and now what, i have wanted to go out wiv him for ages sinc i seen him but then i founed out about 1000 and been worken for 3 days strait to get to a 1000 now i stuk what do i do plz tell!!!!

  • ???

    are there any videos dominic kissing or asking u out?

  • QUestion

    ive heard rumors that he asks u to marry him is dat true???

  • Person with opinion

    Okay, so I have to buy ALL the clothes to get Dominic????????????? Ugh!!!!!!

  • dogzo

    renee is ZO irritating why do i have to work with her cant i fire her and oh doez dominic really date you beacoz that would be zoooo COOL! i love dominic i am going to try to make him date me alzo i have got ALL the alvardo itemz thatz zo awezome! my fave brandz are alvardo,mazquerade and dazies. Ztyle boutique is probaly the COOLEZT GAME EVZ!

  • keasa

    oh and BTW if you are wondering how to date dominic dont delete your game after yu win the inter comp get to 1000 customers wait for about 6 months and try to get all the clothes. it should work. And he actually KISSES YOU! wow, when i first got this i thought domonic was a chavvy wierdo but now i am in TOTAL LOVE!

  • keasa

    it is an amazing game but it finishes SO QUIKLY and i am getting bored. also this dominic guy does date you but it takes a long time.Godfrey keeps asking me about him even after the inter comp. anyway, the contests r SO EASY and i finshid it in 5 hours.

  • style savvy #1 fan

    c’mon people respond to me!

  • style savvy #1 fan

    ok guys im going to tell you all about style savvy. see in the game you are a fashion stylist who works at strata along with your partner renne the jeolous girl.gracie your boss tells you what to do with the first to customers.lets say a girl name mona wants a high end outfit go to the inner section and find a sexy top and she might like it if she has pettles around her that means she loves it and might stick around to buy more! which makes it more fun! also in the game you can go get your hair done and/or go get your makeup done!you can also go to a fashion show and compete against others!you can also do it by multiplayer up to 3 players!one day you get to meet dominic and from the first day you meet he falls in love with you!on your birthday he gets you a fairy costume(which is dorky)and on valentines day he goes on a date with you!(best of all he’s rich!*girly mini scream*)you get to have up to more than 10,000 pieces of clothing!and you can mix and match clothing!with multiplayer you can also go shop in each others stores!you can even go online and buy from players stores!your charater lives in a apartment aka your fashion head quarters!well thats all i know til i get the game bye!

  • style savvy #1 fan

    im so getting this game on my birthday! on the 18th of april! haha whoever cant buy it! but 1 thing how much is it at gamestop,toys r- rus,and target on route 10 in new jersey? plz tell me i really want to see wats its like to date! XD 8>

  • ryan

    OMG!!! i can’t believe this game at first i thought Dominic [tall dark and handsome] was just some dumb hick but after a while it was so weird i think i fell in love with a computer game. WHY WON’T HE JUST KISS ME! Dominic is so polite but when will he just you know hook-up already!

  • touket

    i would so not get the game it sounds sooooo boring!!
    my friend has this game and she loves fashion she says (quote) this game is sooo boring i cant believe it i’m going crazy cause this game is so boring (un-quote) she also so showed it to me and all u do is design clothes for customers and u have to stay in budget of their needings-my daughter erica

  • christina

    well if you play the game slowly meaning you dont finish in too days you get to go on a date with dominic. plus its a lot more fun and you dont burn your eyes out staring at tat little screen

  • Sireen

    Dominic does NOT kiss you. My best friend beat the game, and he never kisses you. This is a fashion game, not a dating game. Dominic also does not “like just you”. He “likes” all 1,000,000 other girls playing the game, so I really don’t think he actually “likes”. Other than that, very good game! I really love it. πŸ™‚

  • ashten

    when does he kiss you i need to know

  • ThisBabeLovesYou

    I really want this gamee and im saving up for this.

  • Alxia

    does he. does it show you. Does he ask you out on a date



  • jasmine

    i just adoreeeeeee this game im 24 haha and im just loving it whenever i have a free time im playing it it’s awesome and recommend it to all

  • Mauricella


  • twingle10

    I love this game. I got it for Christmas its great!! The only thing i didnt like was the girl Renee what was her problem?!

  • Simsgirl68

    I got that game for christmas too it is really fun but yeah i have gotten past the part where he says he has a thing for my person but ive waited two days and still the only thing ive heard from him are congratulations for my store star going up or for winning the compitition im starting to get sick of waiting but yeah it is a great game i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    i got this for christmas this year, along with a DSI and six other games.
    its a fun game, dont get me wrong, just.. what the heck is up with this domonic guy?
    everyone i know that has this game thinks he has a thing for “your” person.
    i just wanna know (if you finished the game) is it true?
    thanks for reading.

  • ‘Lyssa

    I already beat the whole game in two days, I loveee it. And that Dominic guy, what was up with him? Lol. I think it was a pretty good game, and I got it for Christmas!

  • bobobobobbo

    it was pretty fun! best Ds game

  • witchinghour

    I got this game for Christmas. I was a little dubious at first, even though I picked it out, because I am older than the target “tween” audience. However, I also find it addicting! My least favorite part is probably stocking up, but I love helping people find items. I agree that the most frustrating part is when customers come in and give no direction; however, I find that if I observe what they are already wearing, a lot of times I can find out what they want. Like, I had an Asian-looking woman come in in an oriental-style top; she wanted another Asian-inspired top, but told me nothign more than that she wanted a top, so I figured it out from what she already had on. Overall, this is a very fun game! Good for anyone who likes fashion, I think.

  • nikita

    I think I am getting this game for Christmas!!! It sounds sooo cool! I am really into fashion and whats in, but I also like to create my own unique combonations. I think this game will be worth it!! Merry Christmas,Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwaanza, Happy Birthday, whatever you have! Bye!

  • lady k

    tnx 4 the review i was considering buying the game but wanted 2 know what other people thought about it . im so ready 2 buy it

  • bd

    thnx 4 the review i totallyy want it since i saw the ad on tv. i too luvv fashionn!!!!