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Nintendo DS Review: Silly Bandz Zoo

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For those who’ve managed to go this long without hearing about Silly Bandz, they’re stretchy, brightly colored bracelets in the shape of objects like animals, boats, dinosaurs, stars, etc. Kids all over collect and trade these bracelets.

Now there’s a neat game for kids who love collecting Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz Zoo is a puzzle-style game that has you virtually stretching the bands on a hook and shooting them across the landscape to knock down blocks and open cages to free 200 uniquely shaped Silly Bandz that you can add to your in-game collection.

There are four different worlds in Silly Bandz Zoo: Nature, Marine, Party, and Fantasy. You start in Nature and progress through each of the 10 levels in it before progressing to the next world. Each level and each world gets progressively harder.

In Nature, you start out with just round Silly Bandz and as you progress you also have the chance to shoot star shaped Silly Bandz amongst others. Different shaped Silly Bandz shoot differently and have more or less strength to them. As you rise among the levels, the colors and sizes of the Silly Bandz change as well, giving each kind its own unique trajectory as you shoot them. As an aid, the blocks are in corresponding colors so you know that a blue Silly Bandz will probably knock down a blue block but not necessarily a red block.

To make things even more fun, as you progress, not all of the blocks are ones that can be knocked down. The gray blocks need to be avoided because they don’t fall down. The green ones are sticky and hold onto your Silly Bandz rendering them useless. Then you add in fun things like magnets and blocks that bounce your Silly Bandz back to you or all over the screen. Eventually you even get Silly Bandz that explode and multiply which makes the higher levels even more exciting.

The lower level starts out as a single player game but after just a few games you unlock the ability to use the two player mode. The game even includes your very own exclusive 12-pack of real Silly Bandz.

The animation is fairly simple and overall reminds me of a cartoon which is ideal since this game will probably appeal most to the younger crowd. Although, I have to admit I had a blast playing it myself and had no problem at all spending an hour shooting Silly Bandz at block castles. If you have a child who loves Silly Bandz, you need to get them this game. It’s fun. It’s addictive. It’s harder than you think!
Silly Bandz Zoo is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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  • Sydney

    This game seems a little weird to me….

  • Honestly, it’s loads of fun to play!

  • Ken

    It’s cute. It’s quite similar to Angry Birds but using rubber bands