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Nintendo DS Review: Scene it? Twilight

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Twilight and trivia collide with explosive fun! Okay, so explosive may be a bit extreme, but Scene It? brings a fun new game to the Nintendo DS platform and Twilight fans will swoon over movie clips, rack their brains for answers to such nitpicky questions as "What kind of building can be seen next to the high school?" and who said "You're alive?" 

I'm not much of a connoisseur of Scene It? games – not by choice, mind you, but when you have two young children, board games are more of a test in patience rather than strategy. This being said, I was thrilled to try out Scene It? Twilight, for Nintendo DS.

The game is easy to dive right into. In single play mode, you are able to pick your character from eight different choices, including Edward, Jacob, Bella and Alice. From there you go on to play three rounds and the end, "Twilightening," round. Each round consists of different types of trivia questions.   The types include: Multiple Choice; Alice's vision, where the player must guess what a picture is by moving the stylus over the screen; Silhouettes, in which the player must identify who the missing character is in a picture; Upon reflection, which is similar to Alice's vision; What's missing?; Who am I?; Who said this; and then of course there is a round which contains a movie clip where after the player watches the clip they proceed to answer a multiple choice question about it. It are these clips and the questions which follow them that work the best.

Scene It? Twilight also contains the option for multiple people to play at once (up to four). In this option, each player selects a character, then take turns answering a series of questions (the same ones for each player), and then the scores are tallied up to find out who did better.

This is a fun game, particularly for fans of trivia and/or Twilight. The questions can be incredibly difficult, asking about small things in the movie that one may not have noticed in their viewing of it. I, myself, have seen the movie several times, but as it has been a few months since the last time I saw it, I had to guess on many of the questions.  

Scene It? Twilight is a great choice for a family activity or game night. Watch Twilight and then pop in the game and see just how well family members paid attention to what went on (if your teen can do anything other than drooling over Edward and/or Jacob during the film). 

The game also includes unlockable.  By playing longing enough one can unlock bonus pictures that players can view at any time from the main menu.  These pictures consist of several movie stills and add a bit of extra fan fun to the game.

Overall, this is a fun game for older children and adults.  With questions ranging from fairly easy to difficult, Scene it? Twilight will keep players' attention for quite some time.  Also the convenience having it in a DS version makes it ideal for travel and compact play.

Scene it? Twilight is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Drug Reference, Mild Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence. This game can also be found on: Wii

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