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Nintendo DS Review Pony Friends

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Eidos has decided that pet simulator games are still the rage, granted the hype behind titles like Nintendogs doesn’t hurt. This time though it’s what most little girls want for a pet, ponies.

Pony Friends tries to go were so many other virtual pet games have gone before. There are multiple breeds to pick from, but most likely unless you are into horses you will have no clue as to which is what. The odd thing is that regardless of which you choose they all act the same so it doesn’t really matter for game play purposes.

Like other titles, you can deck out your pony in hundreds of different ways, plus the typical washing of the pony is there. There are contests for the ponies that allow you to unlock more items to allow further customization. No, the pony won’t fetch a ball for you, but you do get to ride it.

That’s right you get to ride the pony that you create. There are numerous trails to explore and they even have animals in the environment to see. You can’t interact with everything, but it’s an interesting twist on the “walk” feature.

All being said, this game caters to the young female that is tired of Nintendogs and is looking to mix it up a little bit. It’s a polished title that actually plays very well. The replay factor is extremely high but the target market for this title is very small. Still it’s a good alternative to games like Nintendogs that virtual pet fans should check out.

Pony Friends is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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  • marie

    i like this game for a 16th year old person i love the trail riding and the bleu sky always stay bleu care for your hore at the stables or make it do a trick this games is very good buy it if you like ponys now