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Nintendo DS Review: Picross 3D

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If you are a puzzle lover — particularly one of brain-teasing puzzles — than Picross 3D is calling your name.  As with the original Picross, the your job is to “chip” away at a number grid to figure out the picture hiding within.  However, unlike the original Picross, this newest 3D version adds an entirely new dimension to the game, bringing the uncovered pictures virtually to life on the DS.  This is not a quick, easy game, as the gamer progresses through stages, the task become more and more difficult and the blocks must be chipped away in layers.  The outer layers are fairly simple, however once you get in deeper, concentration is greatly needed, as is a bit of patience. 

After popping the game into your DS, the gamer is taken through a series of tutorialfs (a bit on the lengthy side) where the game will explain different ways in which to play, starting with a basic picross graph and then adding more layers as you progress.  There are hints for ways to mafke solving the puzzle a bit easier as well as tidbits of advice as well.  Once you progress through each of these training stages, you then continue playing through over 365 puzzles of varying difficulties.  A great extra in the title are the additional 400 themed puzzles that can quickly and easily be downloaded via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can also get out those creative thinking caps and design your own picross to share with others and submit it for monthly prizes. 

Beware though, with Picross 3D, there is a timer, which, depending on the your level of skill can quickly add points to your score or lead to penalties.  Solving puzzles correctly and quickly can lead toracking up stars, which later can lead to unlocking even more games.  This is a great feature as it ensures continued play and variety. Of course, it can also get rather frustrating for those who are a little slower solving the puzzles.  Lastly, you are allowed only a certain number of incorrect guesses/answers and if you go beyond that, the game is over and must be played again from the beginning.

The graphics and pictures uncovered are rather cute and fun, though beware that some can be rather difficult to figure out.  Overall, Picross 3D is a very fun, addictive, and brain stimulating game that is sure to hook a wide audience range for hours on end. 

On a personal note, this is one of those games where I play and play, saying to myself  “I will quit as soon as I finish this puzzle.”  However, I finish that one puzzle and then start another. The evilness continues for a very long while or at least until my eyes become fuzzy and unable to focus. The number of puzzles is fairly endless and will provide for continued fun and brain-teasing.  Please note that Picross 3D is also playable for two — five players via wireless DS single-card download play as well as wireless DS multi-card play.

Picross 3D is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief. 

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