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Nintendo DS Review: Mega Man Starforce: Dragon

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“It is the year 220X…

Extraterrestrial life has been discovered.

The new space exploration agency, NAZA, in an effort to enter into a friendly relationship, or Brotherband, with the aliens, launched a space station named Peace. Humankind’s dream to find other intelligent life among the stars had finally been realized.

However, the space station, the hope of humankind, had a very mysterious accident, and disappeared! Numerous agencies worked long hours to find it, but the space station was gone.

Then, a few months after the incident, a section of Peace was found in the sea. All hope was now lost. NAZA stopped the search, and put its space exploration project on permanent hold.

Three years to the day have now passed….

…and for a boy from the town of Echo Ridge, the story has just begun.”

Game Play: Mega Man SD is a sequel to the Battle Network series for the Game-boy Advance. This is an RPG style game set in the Mega Man universe; what more can you ask for? You gain levels and collect items throughout the entire game to build up your character. There are plenty of random battles to contend with, so you don’t have to worry too much about gaining experience. You can use Nintendo wi-fi to form brother bands with people online to get various special boosts for your cards. Unfortunately, you cannot battle on wi-fi, but you can connect up to six people using wireless DS multi-card play. There are also some touch-screen mini-games that you have to complete which can be pretty fun. The battles are where this game shines and you’ll have plenty of fun with it.

Graphics: The battles are in 3D and are pretty impressive. On the other-hand, the rest of the world is in 2D, and looks just like the Battle Network Series on the Game-boy Advance. Overall, the graphics look great! The colors and the animations work really well together and it forms a beautiful world. Also, I should mention that I didn’t notice any lag while playing this game. Big plus!

Sound/Music: Typical Mega Man sounds here. It can get a little repetitive and annoying after awhile. Capcom hasn’t done anything innovative in this department since they came out with the Mega Man series in the 80’s. That’s not to take anything away from the music and sounds in this game- its good, just not great.

Overall: It is a pretty short game, but one that you would definitely enjoy. There are a lot of items to collect and gaining levels to do to keep you busy for awhile.

Buy or Rent? BUY. This is a fresh look for Mega Man and whether you’re a seasoned Mega Man fan or not, you’ll enjoy this game. Mega Man RPG style was a brilliant idea.

MegaMan Starforce: Dragon is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for  Mild Cartoon Violence.

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