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Nintendo DS Review: Lalaloopsy Sew Magical! Sew Cute!

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Lalaloopsy: Sew Magical! Sew Cute! is an adorable Nintendo DS game from Activision. Lalaloopsy is an award winning doll line that was introduced in 2010 and now contains 48 different characters in a variety of sizes. In the Lalaloopsy Sew Magical! Sew Cute! game, you can play one of twelve different dolls – each with a rag doll feel to them. The dolls available include some of the most popular characters from the doll line including Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff, Blossom Flowerpot, and Bea Spells.

The goal of the game is to reunite all of the Lalaloopsy dolls with their lost pets. Each Lalaloopsy doll has her own personality and tells you what she was made from. Each Lalaloopsy doll has a different craft to try which gives the game a very handmade feel to it. You touch a house to visit it and learn each doll’s craft. You touch the pets to take care of them and make them happy. As you visit each home, you make the craft by touching buttons, circling your cursor to tie ribbons, etc. Once your craft is made, you look for friends to give the gift to. On your travels, you collect supplies by clicking on them in order to make more gifts. You use the directional buttons to move left and right through the game. Collecting items also unlocks new crafts for you to make.

While you’re walking through the game, you will meet other dolls and they’ll tell you they have lost their pets. You need to search through the area and use your stylus to touch their pet and bring it back to them. Once you do that, they will invite you into their home to learn a new craft. You need to find each pet and visit each house before you can pass onto the next screen. Some of the crafts include making jam, making pet treats, painting pictures, and making jewelry.

At the top of your screen is a menu that will let you see how many different dolls you have played as, how many friends you have made, how many collectibles you have found, how many gifts you’ve made and an area map you can use to travel back and forth to different friends’ houses. You access each section by tapping the icon with your stylus.

While this game does require reading in order to play it, some of the icons make it very simple to understand what to do next. You’ll definitely get more out of it if your child can read but it is probably playable by a younger child as well with a little bit of adult assistance until they get the feel for the game. If you have a little girl that loves the Lalaloopsy dolls, she will definitely enjoy playing Lalaloopsy Sew Magical! Sew Cute! and getting to know the characters in the game. The game is easy to play and I found myself wandering aimlessly clicking on things just to see what would happen next. The characters are adorable and definitely appealing to little girls. Some games come with a bonus mini Lalaloopsy doll included!

Lalaloopsy Sew Magical! Sew Cute is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB

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