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Nintendo DS Review: Imagine Teacher

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School’s back in session on this exclusive Nintendo DS game. This good roleplaying title glimpses into a teacher’s life including lesson planning, child behavior and performance demands. Miss April starts her instructional work in a new town with a retiring principal who acts as the tutorial character in the first couple weeks. Players must increase student knowledge by completing tasks in subjects like writing, science, math, biology, geography, and history. Players need basic knowledge in each subject to complete the well-incorporated tasks including filling, shaping, and playing virtual instruments. When the points/bonuses stay high, then students take an interest and give feedback at the end of a lesson. Older players in the 6- to 14-year-old range need a deeper relationship/knowledge system and higher difficulty levels, but this title satisfies the younger player niche well.

After hours, teachers can create the best learning atmosphere, practice lessons or, gulp, clean. The cleaning element does give some needed recognition of teacher devotion, but in the game, players won’t get consequences on whether they straighten those desks or sweep away dust. The sole incentive for cleaning is finding students’ lost items (ball, etc).

The beginning cache of students is only four, but the challenges and satisfaction increase as players progress through the school year. New students are usually announced at the weekly staff meeting, occurring at the end of Friday. This meeting also informs players of weekly subject features and professional performance assessments by managers who fund the school with money based on a player’s point total throughout the week.

Expanded teacher roles and bonuses would enhance the game more. Miss April should have more control and decision-making elements. At the end of the day, Miss April corrects a random student’s work and the lesson plans fit well, but the surface-only interaction on field trips and recesses are lacking free style control and uniqueness. The free style chalkboard writing registers well, so why not expand that element into full words and even original student art works or decorations Miss April could put up in her room. Players could get bonuses for these “extra credit” activities too.

Recess with several more minigames that the teacher also plays would boost the lacking physical education elements, but it’s not likely that anyone playing this game is actually doing those activities anyway. Scheduling field trips at the end of the day on Friday versus Wednesday morning gives players a minimal advantage of just having a break. Teachers do celebrate special events like birthdays, holidays and the last day of school, but again miss the opportunity of enhancing the overall experience.

The multiplayer mode supports up to four players with a single card and delivers some nice gameplay variety when the daily school routine tires. Changeable music would also help alleviate some light monotony. The game doesn’t have a high replay value, but has numerous characters with basic storyline developing as Miss April guides them through various classes.

Deeper statistics, including relationships with other students and the teacher, knowledge progression, etc., would give players more satisfaction and meaningful results. Still, this title still works on a basic level and would make a great catalog addition for future educators.

Imagine Teacher is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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  • sapphire

    not much info…

  • Anne

    Information about what? Ask for specifics because this writer covers the game very well. Good job. 🙂

  • Clojoe

    i thought this game looked extremly fun but what age do you think its for? its rated E but like i am 11 and i was wondering am i to old to play this game?

  • questioner

    so do you guys recomend this game for the age range of 11-14?

  • Yes, I would say 11 to 14 falls within this game’s ranch plus a few years above and below that range too. Happy Holidays!

  • someone

    im 15, so i hope it works good.

  • mollyyyyy

    Hi i cant figure out how to give the lost items back..

    Can someone PLEASE help…


  • Jakey

    Hi, I’m 11 And I Think This Game Is Great But I Can’t Figure Out How To Give The Lost Items Back To The Students.

  • Jim

    I was able to give some items back when the student’s parents visited after school, so choose the clean up options, etc. at the end of the day when you find an item 🙂

  • anonumus

    my friend has the game…its ok

  • clara

    my daughters just got this game and she thinks its cool apart from the fact that she cant get through the pottery session, and ive had a go, but no hope, plz has anyone got any idea as to how to do it?

  • ricola

    clara- you have to spin the wheel really fast until the metre on the side fills up. then when the up and down arrows appear you have to move the stylus up and down until the clay makes the shape needed.

    jakey- i had problems getting the first lost item back to the students but if you find it by cleaning up at the end of the day it goes back to the immediately and the parent praises you for it at the staff meeting on friday evening.

    hope that helps 🙂

  • clara

    hey thanx for your advice ricola, she’s still trying it out but i think the novelty is gona wear out soon, so im back on it lol…cheers

  • Louise Crompton


    Was wondering if anyone knows how to get past the pottery section on week 9 i have been trying for days and still no luck !! Please Help


  • Re: #14 When you’ve met the requirements and the arrows disappear, don’t touch the screen. Make a medium stop – not too fast. Also check your green time meter.

  • Roxie

    omg louise crompton me too! its week 9 and the very last lesson before the friday meeting! its so frustrating! it might be cos u havent bought anything for the children to learn so go to the shop and buy some new desks, posters etc. good luck

  • Roxie

    i’ve got past week 9, where miss pierce is dismissed. i havent had any notices or science week things or anything. there havent even been any friday meetings. does this mean the game is finished?

  • ****SPOILERS****
    For those players who haven’t completed the game yet, don’t read below
    After you complete week 9, the game keeps going. Continuing to increase student statistics doesn’t have an effect on gameplay and you don’t have to plan as much, so you can just enjoy the activities now. It comes suddenly doesn’t it, but seems logical. We used to be on 9 week semesters in grade school. Hopefully they’ll expand any possible sequels. 🙂

  • Jody

    i also cant give lost items back. i found them but then it goes to my inventory and at the staff meetings, they dont say anything. HELP!

  • Sharman

    thats strange cos i got to week 12

  • holly

    is this game worth buying?????cuz i cant make a choice between imagine teacher and imagine makeup artist!!!!!!so which should i get????

  • Avery

    imagine teacher lasts much longer then imagine makeup artist. but i think imagine makeup artist is more fun

  • I haven’t tried Makeup Artist yet. Will let you know if I do. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I’m stuck on week 9 day 5. I spun the wheel but when you go up and down with ur stylus it goes up thenn it goes doown again.

    What happens in week 10?

  • Carla

    Does this game work on Nintendo DSi? I have seen conflicting ads saying it will/won’t work.


  • Ffyona

    I love the game it is the best i have ever got i am doin teacher trainin @ da moment and is eaiser dan real life! GET IT NOW 🙂

  • JT

    This game rocks! I don’t like the pottery though!

  • Kris

    Imagine Makeup Artist is a terrible game, and after reading these comments, im scared to go out and buy this game.. im 12

  • Brittany

    I think am on week 10 and am just doing to same thing all the time is anything going to happen at the end cause i thought all the students

  • JOY

    So when does the game end?

  • Alice

    It does work on DSI. I got it and within a few days, I finshed Week 9. It does say on the last meeting (where you become Headteacher) that you will get more teachers to help you. I thought that this meant that I would get a full new class of students but I have. Nothing has happened. It just repeats over and over.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Will I get new teachers and/or pupils?
    2) Does the game just keep repeating after Week 9
    3) Is there going to be a sequil.

    Hope someone can answer these


  • Josee

    Im on week 9 on thursday and I am stuck on pottery! I keep trying and I get the right speed but once it gets to the up and down arrows I finish it and it goes to the right position, but it stops, then goes back to a blob and says try again

  • Chloee

    Yeah it does work with dsi, I have a dsi and it works amazingly:)