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Nintendo DS Review: Cosmos Chaos!

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Your favorite and most beloved pet, Hugo, has been sucked up into a space ship, driven by a most unstable (perhaps even mad?) scientist known as Dr. Z. You will do anything to get Hugo back and with the help of Buddy Bot and a way cool PDA known as WristCom XL-3000, you will fight your way to saving your dearest friend. Did I mention you will also learn at the same time as fighting evil bots and conquering quests and missions?

Looking for a last minute gift idea that will thrill both parents and kids alike? Look no further than Cosmos Chaos! – and yes, it is every bit as cool as the title makes it sound! Geared toward grades four through six, Cosmos Chaos! takes up where the fabulous Reading Tutor DS games leave off.  Any reader of my reviews knows how highly I place the learning and educationally fun value of the Reading Tutor games, so I was thrilled to be able to delve into the next learning step with Cosmos Chaos! 

In Cosmos Chaos! gamers begin by picking whether they want to to play as a boy or girl, then going on to name their character.  Once that is finished, their character will be taken to a map showing different areas to explore and discover.  Within these places, gamers will encounter people whom they interact with to find clues, information, and the all important vocabulary word/s that will be added to their Word Bank.  Exactly how is it known what the “magic” words are?  Certain words will be underlined.  Simply tap on the words with the stylus to receive the definition (which will be spoken aloud to the gamer).  In addition to discovering the definition of these all-important underlined words, gamers will receive a Mini-Medal.  The collection of Mini-Medals then leads to Experience Points, which are important to moving on to the next level of game play. 

Also within Cosmos Chaos! there are several fun mini games, geared toward building vocabulary and reading skills.  The completion of these mini games will lead to bonuses and the games played at the Recharge Stations throughout the journey will lead to bettering the health of Buddy Bot.  At the Recharge Stations, players can also recharge Buddy’s power and save their place in the game to come back to at a later time.

Cosmo Chaos! combines the excitement of exploring, finding hidden secrets, interaction, and going head-to-head in battles with Bad Bots (And parents, don’t forget, along with all this intriguing game play is that sneaky little aspect of learning!)

On the learning and educational front, there are five levels of play in Cosmos Chaos!  Each level focuses on forty-five target words, totally up to two hundred and twenty-five vocabulary words per game, for a grand total of four hundred and fifty words between the two games (Mission #1: Get Hugo Back and Mission #2: Replace Buddy’s VRBL Chips) that your child will be introduced to and develop extensive knowledge of.  As children play Cosmos Chaos!, they will be introduced to new words, given the definition of these words, use these words during game play, and thus be extending their vocabulary, while having tons of fun doing so.  Cosmo Chaos! does not simply pop-up new words here and there, but instead reinforces these words again and again so that the repeated exposure will become ingrained within the child’s memory. 

Let’s face it, in today’s society video games are a way of life, and what a better way to integrate the art of “sneaky learning/teaching” than by combining fun, action-packed video games with education.  Cosmos Chaos! is guaranteed to attract and excite children – boys and girls – ranging in age from eight to twelve.  As an adult, I found the game to be entertaining and interesting.  As a parent, I am thrilled with the game play, interactivity, adventure, appeal and educational value of Cosmos Chaos!  My eight-year-old daughter, who is also a huge fan of the Reading Tutor Nintendo DS games greatly enjoyed Cosmos Chaos! and loves to play it again and again.  What a great gift and/or addition to any child’s gaming library!

To learn more about Cosmo Chaos! and to try out four free mini games, please be sure to check out the Cosmo Chaos! website!

Cosmos Chaos! is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB



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