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Nintendo DS Review: Cookie & Cream

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This Nintendo DS title originated from the Playstation 2, where it was a wacky game. Now, it hops into your pockets, with all the crazy puzzles and boss battles from the original with a touch screen twist. Despite its slow-moving pace, it is still a good game. Unfortunately, Cookie & Cream suffers from non-innovative use of the touch screen. The game basically requires the user to do the same motions over and over with no creative use of the touch screen.

Cookie & Cream follows two bunnies through different adventures to find a missing moon. Sadly, the story does not come in during the game besides the opening/ending. You follow the bunnies through numerous islands and adventures. The game has a cute aura about it throughout, with very bright colors animals aplenty.

Cookie & Cream is totally linear, no exploring whatsoever. The game gets tricky when you have to use both screens at the same to time solve puzzles. Moving with the D-pad and flipping switches with the touch-screen can become a very frustrating job if you can’t do two things at once. Even jumping to platforms can be tricky because of the perspective you see the top bunny.

The game also gives you some incentive to go back and re-play some levels. Since the levels are time based, the faster you go the better. Usually, on your first play through the times are pretty horrible. But, by the end o the game you learn the “tricks” of the game, which helps you and takes away all the challenge. You can use these tricks to achieve fast times in the levels, unlocking bonus mini-games for you to play with. Most of the mini-games originated from the puzzles from the campaign.

The story mode never gets all that difficult. It does however get very confusing. No hints ever appear to help you in time of need, which gets frustrating trying to pass a level when you cannot figure out what to do. Some boss battles require you just to move your stylist around randomly hoping to find how to hurt the boss. It gets very annoying having to redo a level because you couldn’t figure out one measly little puzzle.

The game does include multiplayer over Wi-Fi and Ad-hoc. Here you can play with up to four people playing mini-games. Sadly, it is extremely difficult to find someone to play with. Nevertheless, it is fun when you do find someone to play with.

Cookie & Cream is a fun, if sometimes frustrating game, with a lot of substance. It’s definitely a must-have for Wario Ware fans, but expect the same uncreative puzzles throughout the game.

Cookie & Cream is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief.

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