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Nintendo DS Review: Bejeweled 3

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Though I am not a constant player nor a long term player of the Bejeweled games, I am familiar with the long standing and highly popular franchise, as well as a big fan of match three games. With that being said, I am totally in love with Bejeweled 3! The minute I began playing I was seriously hooked. The colors and graphics are amazing — I love going down that tunnel of jewels when advancing to the next level. Very 3D looking! I also love the fact that there are actually eight different levels of play within this game. This really adds excellent and fun variety to the overall game play and game experience itself.

The four main stages of gameplay are “Classic,” “Zen,” “Lightning,” and “Quest.”  Once you have hit a certain goal within each of these four modes, you will unlock an additional one. Once you meet the goal in “Classic,” you unlock “Poker,” “Zen” unlocks “Butterflies,” “Lightning” unlocks “Ice Storm,” and I wish I could tell you what meeting the goal in “Quest” unlocks, but unfortunately, that one is kicking my butt and I haven’t managed to unlock it yet.

“Classic” is your basic play where you match up the three like-colored jewels and continue through until you fill up the progress bar on the left side of the screen. Once that is done, you move on to the next level. Pretty simple and straight-forward. “Zen” is basically the same concept but is endless.   Simple, fun and relaxing. In “Lightning,” you play to collect as many time gems as you can to charge up the bonus rounds. With this game, you have a timer which you need to play against. This is where the collecting of time gems comes in to give you extra time. A bit more challenging, but still fun.

Now, the one that is kicking my butt, “Quest”, is also my favorite one. In “Quest,” you are given several mini-type games (40 total puzzles) that you must complete by reaching a set goal. Once these goals have been met, you are able to move on — as well as unlock the additional game. Well, one of the games is “Butterflies” where you have to release a certain number of butterflies to reach your goal. Sounds easy? Not so much.  I will continue to strive, however, and get those little winged creatures released if it is the last thing I do! Okay, a bit dramatic. It is tons of fun though — even if I am a bit stuck.

Along the game playing way you also collect badges to add to your collection.  There are up to 65 badges to collect and show off your awesomeness in jewel matching mania.  Did I mention the excellent audio as well?  The “voice” throughout the game is very space-age and funky.  The music and sounds are fun and match the game perfectly.  I have to say that Bejeweled 3 also has some of the very best and most vivid graphics of many games that I have experienced.  Love it!

PopCap has come out with some really great games over the years and Bejeweled 3 is definitely one of them.  This is a great game that the entire family can enjoy, no matter the age.  The gameplay is rather extensive in replay value and is just an overall excellent puzzle/match three game.  I highly recommend Bejeweled 3 and can say that it has moved into my “favorite” game case!

Bejeweled 3 is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for This game can also be found on: Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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