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Nintendo DS Preview: Lunar Knights

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Lunar Knights will shed a new light on the Nintendo DS, continuing from where the incredibly innovative Boktai games for the GBA left off.

A product from the designers of Kojima Productions, Konami’s Lunar Knights will feature two player-controlled characters in a real-time action RPG.

One of the characters, much like in Boktai, utilizes the sun, which powers his firearms, while the other sword-wielding adventurer gains his power from the moon. Both have access to devastating elemental attacks through the use of the touch screen and microphone.

Instead of utilizing an on-cartridge light sensor this time around, game play is affected by an in-game day/night cycle complete with varying weather that all change the game play. The title is promised to feature a few different modes of play as the characters explore, build stats and skills and solve puzzles.

Taking advantage of the Nintendo DS’s capabilities, three-dimensional flight segments will get players’ trigger fingers going in order to dispose of the remains of undead enemies. Lunar Knights will also feature fully-animated cinematics from Studio 4 Degrees (Memories, The Animatrix).

The game will feature a two-player mode although no specifics have been revealed.

Currently, Lunar Knights from Konami is slated for a February 6 release.

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