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Nintendo DS Download Station Software Version 3 Hits Stores

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Retail locations that feature Nintendo’s DS Download Station service received their newest card this week, featuring a good chunk of demos for those who visit the location with their systems in tow.

Updating the service to Vol. 3, Nintendo offers sneak peeks of yet-to-be-released first-party titles. Offering up six bite-sized demos, the new download service provides a taste of things to come for the portable system this fall.

The most notable addition to the service is the ability to download a very short demo of the quirky Elite Beat Agents. An import favorite among DS owners under the original Japanese title Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, the game is finally seeing the light of day in the U.S.

The demo of the upcoming rhythm-based game sends the Elite Beat Agents to a babysitter in distress. Thinking she has the night off, she invites a boy she has a crush on over but suddenly gets stuck babysitting in an emergency situation. With the cheerleading of the Elite Beat Agents, you’ll attempt to help calm the attention-demanding child before the boy of her dreams gets fed up and leaves.

The demo allows players to complete two segments of the stage, which features the song Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram, before returning to the title screen.

Nintendo is also offering its own Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis as a demo choice on Vol. 3. Straying from the original MvD on the Game Boy Advance, the second iteration plays more like a puzzle game in the vein of Lemmings. Using the touch screen to guide the minis and utilizing blocks to aid the characters across gaps, players will attempt to keep the miniature characters out of danger and reach the exit with as many surviving as possible.

Not only do players have the task of being a guardian angel to the minis, but extras such as Mario cards and chain bonuses will make players think about exactly how the minis will reach the exit in order to amass as many points as possible. The demo allows players to play through a handful of the game’s first stages and also enables you to replay levels to attempt a higher score.

Also from Nintendo, Touch Generations offers two segments for trial from its upcoming Clubhouse Games title – darts and turncoat.

Darts allows players to take 10 shots at the dartboard to try and rack up a score higher than a computer opponent. The game operates just as you would imagine, using the touch screen to grab the dart, rear it back and fling it forward with the appropriate strength and accuracy.

Turncoat is an Othello/Reversi clone where players try to outdo each other, making moves and attempting to convert the opponent’s colored pieces to your own color. The demo pits you against a computer opponent.

Nintendo once again offers Brain Age and Big Brain Academy on the new download station version.

The last game is a third-party offering from THQ in the form of Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle, which controls like a horizontal shooter. While Danny Phantom, based off a Nickledeon cartoon series, may seem childish, shooter fans should give it a chance as, in my opinion, it was surprisingly decent. Using Danny’s phantom powers, players have a number of selectable abilities that alter his firepower against a steady stream of enemies.

The service also includes a couple of videos gamers can view on their DS. Vol. 3 offers up vids of Star Fox: Command, Spectrobes and Star Trek Tactical Assault.

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