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Nintendo 3DS Review: Sonic Generations

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Sonic the Hedgehog – you know him, you love him. Now you can catch him in all his glory on the Nintendo 3DS in Sonic Generations.  Sonic, like Mario, has held strong through the years, drawing new generations of gamers into its fold.  Racing that little speed demon along paths and tracks, grabbing coins and looking out for those evil coin-grabbing pains in the rear that pop up unexpectantly is more or less the concept of Sonic in general and continues to be so in Sonic Generations.  

When I began playing Sonic Generations, I was immediately pleased with the overall graphics.  They are vivid, bright and “fun.”  I also switched between 3D and 2D to get an overall feel for the difference in game play and looks of the game through these two different aspect.  Honestly, the game plays and appears fine in both dimensions.  Of course in the 3D, there is the extra added depth, however it is not as apparent as it could be — it simply doesn’t add all that much to the game.

The gameplay of Sonic Generations is pretty straight forward and simple. However, players are able to play as either Modern Sonic or Classic Sonic — a fun little twist. Also, there are time holes which Sonic falls through where Sonic and his buddies revisit the past. Gamers may recognize many of the classic characters during these stages of play.

Another fun extra with Sonic Generations is the fact that there is a two player vs. option. Now you can go head-to-head with a friend. There is also a feature called “Street Pass” where you can unlock bonus material and collect new content.

All in all, Sonic Generations is a fun gaming experience. Nothing that will overly thrill hardcore gamers, but a fun and laid back game. Of course, personally, I need a bit of practicing as, for some reason, I keep getting caught by the bad guys and losing coins. Those new and old to Sonic will enjoy the brand new and exclusive content in this 3DS version of the game, which even includes a special secret stage that can be unlocked.

Sonic Generations is being toted as “the ultimate celebration of 20 years in Sonic gaming.”  While I cannot confirm this, I think it is a great blending of the past and the present gaming with Sonic. Save friends, collect coins, beat the evil enemies, and have a blast with the past and present Sonic and his friends.

While I cannot say that Sonic Generations blew me away, I can say that it is fun. Will it be a game I play a lot? Probably not so much, but I will pull it out on occasion. I would say that unless you are a die hard Sonic fan, your best bet would be to go out and rent this before purchasing. As for adding to the 3DS spectrum of gaming? It may add a drop in the bucket, but not much more than that. As I said, the 3D vs. the 2D was not dramatically different, at least for me.

Age range? I would say that this is something that the entire family could play.

Sonic Generations is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for mild comic violence. This game can also be found on: Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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  • Harry

    I actually enjoyed this game, I have achieved S ranks on 27 of the 28 courses (including bosses) available and have yet to complete all 100 missions, but you can unlock soundtracks and promotional art, similar to that of Mario/Sonic 2010 Winter Olympics. Again, if you like Sonic, it’s a must-by, but I probably would try the demo first otherwise.

  • Wow.


  • I stand corrected – rings. Sorry

  • Red

    … Coins? Have you honestly ever played a Sonic game before?