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Nine Killed, 64 Wounded in a Terror Attack in Tel Aviv, Monday Afternoon

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Various news agencies reported that an Arab terrorist blew himself up near a falafel stand in Tel Aviv this afternoon. Latest reports are that eight people have been killed and over 50 wounded. According to Bloomberg.com, Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack that occurred at 13:30 in the afternoon in the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood, near the old central bus station.

According to the Jerusalem Post, this was the second suicide attack to take place at Falafel Rosh Ha’ir (Mayor’s Falafel) restaurant, which was targeted four months ago by a suicide bomber from the Islamic Jihad, which together with the Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades claimed responsibility for today’s attack in a video released to Palestinian Authority television. According to Walla, a Hebrew website, Hamas called this an act of self-defense.

For those worried about next of kin who may be in hospital, special hotline numbers for Tel Aviv area hospitals are:
Ichilov Hospital: 972 -3-1255133 – from within Israel dial 03-1255133.
Tel Hashomer: 972-3-1255131 – from within Israel dial 03-1255131.
Beilinson: 972-3-1255134 – from within Israel dial 03-1255134.
Wolfson: 972-3-1255135 – from within Israel dial 03-1255135.

According to the Walla website at 17:15 Summer Time, there hadn’t been a specific alert of a terror attack beforehand (sometimes there is). After the attack occurred, a commercial truck with Arab passengers that had been reported leaving the scene of the attack was stopped by a helicopter and a police vehicle at ‘Ofir Junction on Highway 443 near Giv’at Ze’ev just outside of northwest Jerusalem. The truck’s occupants and contents were searched and even though nothing was found that appeared to link them to the attack, the occupants were still detained and taken for questioning. According to Israel National News, the truck was a blue Mitsubishi that was suspected of carrying the terrorist to the restaurant.

According to Islamic Jihad, the suicide bomber was named Samar Salim Hamad, an operative from Islamic Jihad, from the village of Al ‘Araka near Jenin. The dead terrorist, aged 16, appears to be the youngest Arab terrorist to have perpetrated a suicide bombing until now. But this conflicts with reports given to Israel’s Channel 2 TV by an eyewitness at the scene, Rafi Hayun, who told Israel Radio that the terrorist was a female.

According to Israel National News, due to today’s attack, Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi put the nation on maximum alert, out of concern that the inauguration of the 17th Knesset, scheduled for 16:00 this afternoon, could serve as a pretext for more attacks.

As of Monday afternoon, Israel’s security apparatus was faced with the threat of 19 specific terrorist attacks, warning of an impending attack at a specific time and place. Eighty more general threats of attack have been reported to Israel’s intelligence agencies.

After publication, the death count increased by one – at 20:30 Israel Summer Time

Special note: The writer wishes to thank his sons, Shim’on and Avi, for help in translating the information from the Walla website.

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Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • Excellent point, MAOZ!

    I do not mean to imply that the Shaba”k has equal power to Hashem. In the end, all occurs by His grace and direction (or lack thereof).

    What I am saying is that one can see the line from the actions of the Shaba”k to the evil results intended.

    One can guess (and only guess) at the intentions of Hashem with the deaths of the children at the Dolphinarium and the felafel restaurant last week. You are indeed right that we do not know and cannot know the Heshbonót (calculations) of G-d in His actions.

    One stirs in far deeper waters with what I was speculating about those terrorist attacks, and that was why these thoughts disturbed me so much. Seeing the motives of evil men is just seeing the motives of evil men. Sensing the Hand of G-d is a lot scarier.

    In the end, Hashem had his own Heshbonót in allowing the deaths of Hezi Goldberg, z”l, Rav Meir and Rav Benny Kahane, z”l, and all the other martyrs who fell in Israel. And what those are I cannot know.

    But MAOZ, I am sure that you can agree with me that we are being tested grievously.

    Shabbat Shalom to you and yours…

  • MAOZ

    Ruvy, are you saying that in cases XYZ the “Arab terrorists” were tools used by G^d, and in cases ZYX the “Arab terrorists” were tools used by the Shabak? As if the 2 are co-equally powerful users of “Arab tools”?

    I think one could just as well argue that G^d wanted the attacks you list as Shabak-orchestrated to succeed. Otherwise, He certainly could have caused the “best-laid plans of mice and men” to go awry. That would leave my questions of #11 still standing.

    Or maybe we could just acknowledge that we don’t know HaShem’s cheshbonot.

    Shabbat Shalom to you and yours.

  • MAOZ, there were many attacks that were the result of the Shaba”k Jewish Section feeding information to Arabs who then killed the people targeted by the Shaba”k. Tali Hatuel and her kids, the Kahanes, both father and son, the daughter of former Housing Minister Levy, the bus bombing that killed Hezy Goldberg, the attack on the Mandel family even after the death of Koby Mandel in a cave, are all examples of these.

    These are distinct and very different from the terrorist bombings that took place on Saturdays here hitting gambling joints, etc., which are the kinds of things I refer to.

    What you talk about, in many cases, were hits with the intent of killing specifc people disguised as Arab terror attacks, or in one case “accidental friendly fire” (the killing of Baruch ben Yosef’s son).

    This has all been part of the on-going war of the government on the religious Jews who lived beyond the Green Line, a war first publicized in 1994 or 1995 by Barry Chamish and Joel Bainerman as part of the Oslo Plan.

    This is all stuff rthat I’d rather not believe to be true, but it’s been shown to be so.

  • MAOZ

    Ruvy, you tread on very dangerous ground in #10 there.

    Remember the #2 bus bombing (the bus was jam-packed full of families–little kids and all–returning home from davening at the Kotel)?

    The Seder-night massacre in Netanya that was the prelude to Homat Magen?

    And just what was the ‘averah of Tali Hatuel, her 4 little girls and her unborn son on the day of the Likud referendum that would “explain” their murder by savages?

    Not to mention Rav Kahane’s murder.

    Ad nauseum….

  • It is normal to receive 10 to 15 specific terror alerts on any given day and 80 to 100 general terror alerts on any given day. I ought to know. I am a member of the police auxiliary, with the authority of a policeman when in uniform.

    Sometimes the Israel Police doesn’t get everybody…

    But thinking about this while in Beitar Illit visiting friends, I came up with uncomfortable thoughts

    Sometimes, perhaps, G-d means that certain people or types of people should die, and the terror attacks are used to accomplish the goal.

    Five years ago, a whole bunch of teenaged kids were killed dancing at the Dolphinarium Disco on a Friday night. Friday night is the Jewish Sabbath, and spending money, driving, all activities forbidden on the Sabbath brought the dead teenagers to the Dolphinarium, which defied the laws of the G-d of Israel by being open Friday night. Perhaps if those kids had been at home taking joy in the Sabbath that G-d had given them, they would be alive today, with wives, husbands and babies…

    The Rosh ha’Ír restaurant was serving falafel during Pessah, in direct violation of Jewish laws forbidding the consumption of leavened products. Perhaps there was a message under the bombing – that Jews should obey the laws of the G-d of Israel or risk abandonment by the G-d of Israel!

    Those of you reading this may not like this interpretation. I know I don’t. But it matches the events that occurred – in this bombing and many others. Abandonment of G-d’s law resulted in abandonment by G-d.

  • Let’s make short work of your twisting facts, Zingzing. The various human rights associations here are supposed to be concerned with protecting the rights of humans, not the rights of minorities. But nearly all of them concern themselves only with the rights of Arabs, which implies that Jews are not humans in their eyes.

    There are also organizations here that concern themselves rith the rights of minorities, per se, which rightfully place their emphases on the minorities they seek to protect. Ta’ayush is one such example that concerns itself with the rights of Arabs in Israel.

  • zingzing

    it’s easy for a member of the majority to bash organizations designed to protect minorities, ain’t it?

  • Richard – bad news for you. There is, just not under that name. In fact there are several such organizations. If you are a Jew whose rights have been trampled on by the police, they don’t want to know from you. If you are an Arab, they’re all over you with love and kisses…

  • a commercial truck with Arab passengers that had been reported leaving the scene of the attack was stopped by a helicopter and a police vehicle

    In the U.S. stopping a truck full of Mexicans, headed north more than a stone’s throw away from the border would be considered an outrageous and inhumane act of racial profiling.

    Damn good thing there’s not an ICLU!

  • Chris,

    When I wrote the story around 17:00, the latest story was from the Jerusalem Post. The other stories on Google and elsewhere were already outdated, in terms of the death tolls anyway. Since I do not know how to do multiple links on one spot, I stuck the J-Post link first.

    I should tell you that I did not really want to do this story. But I knew that if I didn’t do the story, it would have been about “Palestinian militants” instead of Arab terrorists. I read enough about “Palestinian militants” in Haaretz and elsewhere.

  • A great piece of reporting on this awful bombing Ruvy, I really appreciate all the effort you have so impressively put into this report, both on the page and off.

    Before this gets textbooked, I think there is a little potential for confusion in that the first link in paragraph one is to the Jerusalem Post but isn’t attributed.

    In the second para the paper is namechecked but it potentially gives the impression of being a different source.

    Yeah, I know, picky, picky, picky.

  • Well, it’s not exactly the same as a typical news article, but they ought to be teaching it in journalism school. What you need to do in order to write good news for the web is somewhat more demanding than the fine art of rewording an article from the AP.


  • Oy vey, Dave. I never took a journalism course in my life! Thank you for the kind words! I’m liable to stick them in my CV!

    Good luck with your article on news writing for us scribblers in the blogosphere.

  • Ruvy, I just wanted to give a nod to how well put together this article is. It’s a textbook example of how to structure a blog news article, with links to outside sources and a story compiled and effectively reformulated to include as much information as possible.

    I may have to use it as an example for reference in an article I’m working on about how to write news for the blogosphere.