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Niko Show His LA Town Colors

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Artist: Niko
Title: LA Town Colors
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent

Who is Niko (Nick Poulios)? Well, do you have an hour? The Athens, Greece native is a doctor that does genetic research, races a Porsche, plays great rock music, and poses with the Playmate of the year for kicks. This guy has a lot going on and you can feel that energy in his music. He seems to be on the fast track to a very successful music career with his captivating album LA Town Colors.

When I started writing many years ago, I promised myself I would not make comparisons to other artists, well that lasted about two months, it is inevitable, and everyone does it. It is the greatest form of flattery to recognize someone’s influences and to acknowledge them, and for the most part, the person you are talking about is pleased and honored. So here I go…

Right out of the gate with “China Girl,” I heard Bowie, not because of the title of the song, its Niko’s voice that struck me as very 70s classic rock with a cool “LA Woman” vibe. Yes, he sounds like Morrison too. On top of all that, the dude can really play the six-string. When you put all of these wonderful qualities together you have one hell of an album, it rocks straight on through until the closer “My Stardom.”

I really like the overall energy and quality of this album, its consistent, entertaining and just a very “right on” representation of the Southern California culture and nightlife. Occasionally someone walks out of the shadows and into the spotlight to grab your attention; Niko has done that was this listener. Check him out…you will love this music.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

October 30, 2004


01. China Girl
02. From the Heart
03. Flying Home
04. Climb into my Benz
05. LA Town
06. Crazy Love
07. Woman
08. Attitude
09. Satisfaction
10. My Stardom

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