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Nikki Minaj’s Road to Pink Friday

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Nikki Minaj is one of the most creative female rappers of all time. Her will to rocket her way to the top of the music industry is apparent in her artistic lyrics and over the top music videos. Onika Maraj was born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Queens, New York. She has overcome the obstacles of life to achieve the ultimate goal of being number one.

While employed elsewhere, Nikki Minaj dedicated her free time to pursuing her music career. She started off doing background vocals and soon began writing her own rap songs. As she stayed focused and motivated to the cause, she was noticed by Dirty Money’s CEO, Fendi. Soon after, rapper Lil Wayne took notice of her natural ability to write and her unique rapping style. In April 2007, Nikki Minaj release her first mix tape Playtime is Over which introduced her Barbie like image. An image that caused much controversy with rival female rapper, Lil Kim. Her single “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” featured Lil Wayne and created that spark, which introduced Nikki Minaj’s super star ability to her fans. She kept moving by releasing a couple more mix tape entitled Sucka Free and the follow-up Beam Me Up. The continued success of her mix tapes gave Nikki Minaj massive exposure

In August of 2009 Nikki Minaj signed an album deal with Young Money Entertainment/Universal Motown. Her debut album Pink Friday was releases on November 23, 2010 and made it to number two in the U.S. Billboard 200. For the first time in music history Nikki Minaj had seven songs reach the Billboard 100 at the same time. Her single “Your Love” climbed to the top reaching number one on Billboard Hot Rap Songs. The album is full of collaboration with the hottest names in the industry and she has been a guest performer on many of the singles that has been bombarding the radio stations. Pink Friday gained platinum status in United States one month after its release.

Nikki Minaj is continuing to mesmorize her fans with her outrageous fashion statements, explosive lyrics, and multiple personas. The album is hot and she is not intending to stop anytime soon.


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