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Nike Pulls Major Threat Ads and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Nike apologizes to Minor Threat and Dischord Records Nike pulled its ads that ripped off Minor Threat cover art and wrote a letter of apology on Monday. The ads had advertised Nike Skateboarding’s Major Threat 2005 East Coast Tour.

India’s Tech renaissance

iPod updates

Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis honored with lifetime achievement award

Moscow added to list of Live 8 shows

Bob Dylan exclusively at Starbucks

P2P for Poli-Sci geeks: Center for Democracy and Technology creates website for trading hard-to-find policy briefs

Experimental fusion reactor could solve world’s energy problems

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Files anti-trust suit against Intel

The Live 8 list lengthens

Gwen Stefani announces solo tour

Avril Lavigne to get married

Devo, Decemberists, Ani DiFranco to play Bumbershoot

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  • Aaman

    Yr second link should actually be titled “India’s tech rennaissance”, methinks

  • Phillip Winn

    Indeed, Aaman, while it’s all a matter of perspective, the title here doesn’t seem to match the tone of the linked article.


    Dear Ian,
    Please sue the pants off these corporate profiteers, for attempting to hijack this blessed imagery. It is as offensive as McDonalds using the very cross upon which Jesus was crucified to sell McRibs! Please take them to the bank, as I know you will use all proceeds to fund skronky guitar bands, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and other good stuff.

    Yours in Metal,

  • Aaman

    Doesnt the church profit off the cross itself?


    Cattle Decapitation!

  • Tan Hoang

    Damn you Bob Dylan, don’t side with the enemy…

  • Victor Plenty

    Good to see nuclear fusion power research moving forward, even if it’s only a tiny increment forward at this time.

  • Katharine Donelson

    Thanks, Aaman. Fixed.

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