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Nike Free 5.0: First Impressions

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I just picked up my brand new pair of Nike Free 5.0‘s. My verdict: Stop what you are doing and buy a pair right now! I can not imagine owning another kind of sneaker ever again. This shoe is, in one word, awesome.

At approximately $85, the shoe is reasonably priced. It comes with the shoes and an extra pair of 4.5 soles. I’m sure there’s a difference in what the 4.5’s do, but I don’t know what it is.

I’m wearing the shoe right now, and it’s pretty cool. The shoe is super light weight and completely flexible. They look decent too. It feels like a cross between a sock, sandal, and classic sneaker. It’s without a doubt very comfortable, and Nike claims it strengthens your foot and prevents injuries.

The most revolutionary part? It’s the heel. You have to try a pair on to fully understand. Take it from me, this is the future of shoes. For now on, when I see a pair of astronaut-sized clunker shoes, I’ll just shake my head and smile.

A picture of my Nike Free’s on my feet


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    I find myself drawn to your reviews of the mundane. 10 years ago I had to pairs of Nikes blow out the soles after limited use. I switched to New Balance and I think they are better running shoes at a generally better price.

  • Thanks, I actually just review items that interest me. I guess that says a lot about my character, I’m draw to mundane items.

    I used to fence in Nike’s. The heels completely died a horrible death pretty fast (they weren’t designed for fencing). I’ve used New Balance, and they do last quite a while.

    That being said, I’ve always prefered Nike because of their style (only on old school shoes), and they tend to be more light-weight.

    This new shoe though is INCREDIBLE. You have to pick it up because it is more lightweight and flexible than you could imagine.

  • But how long will it last?

  • Durability is a good question. I guess a lot of that depends on what you are using them for. I don’t run; I think with casual, everyday wear they will stand up very well. Only time will tell though.

    They do feel relatively well built, and since they fit so close to the foot, I would think they would get extra durability (kinda like Superman’s costume).

  • Durability is in fact a factor. I’ve had mine for three months and the heel ripped.

    Here, take a look:

  • Here’s an actual link

  • Abbas Abdul

    I have had mine for about 6 month and they have ripped in exactly the same place. It is a design flaw. Given that to put them on you need to pull at that location nike should have used much stronger material. Otherwise they are extremely comfortable shoes!

  • My wife & I both got a pair almost a year ago. Her’s also ripped at the heel from pulling at them. It’s just up to how you put them onto your feet, cause after we went back to the shop to complain (we got a replacement pair, they did say NIKE was having those problems on many of the FREE’s) I showed my wife how I slip mine on and she hasn’t had any troubles since then. (Slide as much of your foot in as possible and then lift -don’t pull – the heel over yours).
    I had mine designed at NIKEID in my company colors with my name on them. Love em, even helped me get rid of achilles tendonitis and got me back into running, do Brussels 20k in may.

  • Hilary

    these ARE the BEST shoes,i am a 10 yr old girl and they just fit so perfectly and when you run the are so comfy!!!!!they are awesome shoes!!!running is so smoth and they go anywhere and are so flexable!!!!!!!! I usualy run about 2miles a day and they just hold on so well!!!

  • Monica Shapiro

    I have been running in the Frees for over a year. They are great. One of my two pairs ripped at the heel but I just go on wearing them; doesn’t seem to make much difference.

    But!!! The new version has a plastic cap around the toe! And a bigger heel. The toe cap completely changes the “freedom” of the fit. My toes are sore and blistered on the top. I’m hunting around for a pair of the originals. They had to mess with a good thing, they couldn’t believe people could really enjoy running with a minimum of Nike technology interfering.

  • celsiusgirl

    i bought my first ever NIKE FREE 5.0G a year ago, i’ve been running and going to the gym ever since! i love my NF!!! they aer so flexible and they look great even with jeans! i’d always buy a Nike free!!!