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NiGHTS Coming To Nintendo Revolution?

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Nintendo RevolutionSega’s Sonic Team might be working on a much-anticipated sequel to NiGHTS Into Dreams for the Nintendo Revolution.

It seems that an article in Japanese gaming periodical Famitsu has information about the Sonic Team working on the sequel to the Sega Saturn classic. If the rumor pans out, it could be huge for the Revolution as it enters the next-gen competition later this year.

Famitsu’s sources claim that Sonic Team had planned a sequel years ago for the Dreamcast, and it would have come with a “tilt sensor” controller, but they had to drop the project due to the untimely death of the great console. The Revolution’s 3D controller will be able to do what Sonic Team was hoping for and more, so we could finally see the continued adventures of Elliot and Claris. — Palgn

[ADBLOCKHERE]NiGHTS took players into a virtual world of dreams with fantasy creatures and monsters out of the worst nightmares. Initially launched in 1996, it along with the Sega console have remained strong fan favorites despite the death of the Sega console business.

Fan support for Sega creations is so strong, in fact, a petition remains active to try to entice the gaming company to create another console.

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  • I’ve always wanted to play NiGHTS and if that long hoped for sequel ends up on the Revolution, that may be what makes me buy the system.

  • Dynamo of Eternia


    Sega Saturn and Dreamcast were both such underrated systems.

    Nights was an awesome game. I still have my Saturn and my copy of Nights. I even have the rare Christmas Nights demo that had a limited release. These were fun games, and I could really see this series working well with Nintendo’s new controller.

    I am looking forward to the Revolution quite a bit. It just seems to be offering more of what I am looking for in games these days. I have Xbox 360, and I will likely get a PS3 sometime down the road (though I doubt I will get it at launch), but neither system seems to be offering anything really new. Just the same old games played the same old way. They will have enhanced graphics, but that’s about it.

    Nintendo will offer something new. Sure, we will probably see a lot of titles centered around Mario and the other Nintendo owned franchies, but the way that they are played will offer new experiences that have never been done before. Sega seems like they will be strongly supporting this system as well. And As I am a fan of many Nintendo owned characters as well as many of that of Sega, this system will be right up my alley.

  • Name

    you idiot… its called Wii … learn ffs