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Nightline on Brando Friday, A&E bio on Saturday

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Nightline is doing a tribute to Brando tonight. A&E is showing their bio on him Saturday at 8 pm. I’m sure there will be more tributes (keep your eyes on the ticker at TV Barn.

Here is the Nightline email which also has info on Monday’s show at the end:

TONIGHT’S FOCUS: He was generally considered the greatest actor of his generation, but in later years he became something of a caricature of himself. It was announced today that Marlon Brando has passed away.

If he had only made one of those movies, it might have been enough. On the Waterfront. Streetcar Named Desire. Mutiny on the Bounty. The Godfather. Apocalypse Now. How many of us quote his lines, sometimes without even realizing that we are. And of course, there were a number of, well, bad movies, too, especially in recent years. And his personal life became increasingly bizarre. But aside from all that, he gave some of the greatest performances by any actor. And to some extent, when someone does pass away, maybe it’s time to focus not on the problems, but on the triumphs. So we’ll be spending a fair amount of time tonight talking about his work, and of course, the impact of his work.

The staff here at Nightline ranges in age from early 20’s to those of us who are a little older. Okay, a lot older. And when things happen, we always have to wonder if there is a generational divide. An event that those of us in our 40’s remember vividly may be ancient history to everyone younger than that. That’s especially true of cultural subjects. Movies, music, certainly fashion, and news events, too. So I often use the younger staff members as a reality check. Do they think that something is as important as I do, as worthy of coverage? Have they even heard of the person or event in question? Well we had that conversation this morning when we first got the news. And everyone on the staff, young to old, knew his work, knew the roles, knew the actor. I think that an actor probably couldn’t ask for a better legacy than that. Chris Bury will be anchoring tonight.

On Monday, we’re going to run a broadcast that we first ran two years ago, although we will be updating it. We’ll be looking at those pillars of American society: baseball, apple pie, and hot dogs. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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