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Nightline Fri. on Hip Hop violence

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Tonight’s Nightline will conclude with an interview with Rza from Wu Tang Clan.

Excerpts from their newsletter:

STREET CRED: Can Anyone Control the Violence in Hip Hop?

April 22, 2005

Whether Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Alice Cooper, musicians have long tried to project a “bad boy” image, often to help pique public interest in their music. But what’s going on these days in the world of rap music — and its surrounding culture, hip hop — is really something else.

Case in point: on February 28, after rap star Curtis Jackson, aka “50 Cent,” dissed his former protégé, Jayceon “Game” Taylor, during an interview on New York City’s premiere hip hop radio station, Hot 97, members of the two stars’ entourages got into a confrontation that erupted with a spray of bullets. Within the week, 50 Cent’s new album, “The Massacre,” was released, selling 1.1 million copies in a mere five days and earning the distinction of the second-best opening week in the history of hip hop, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Some wondered: Was the shooting real or was it staged? With police authentication, however, came a more serious question: Was the shooting — and other violent hip hop incidents like it — the natural by-product of corporate-owned rap labels and record stations playing up the criminal images of rap stars and encouraging feuds between them?

…should the hip hop industry take more responsibility? [We]…have come up with a provocative show that we know you’ll enjoy regardless of how much you like hip hop. Our interview subjects include Sharpton, Dash, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, David Mays of “The Source” magazine, radio talk show host Wendy Williams, and hip hop star Corey “C-Murder” Miller, who is currently doing time in a Louisiana prison for second-degree murder…

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