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Night Of The Living Dead: The Remake

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Ok, first off, I haven’t seen the original. I intend to though.

Why is this important? Because I’m not going to be comparing this (1990 version) to the original, instead I’m going to judge it on it’s own.

In case you hadn’t guessed, this is very much a zombie movie. It’s also supposed to be a horror movie, and there are some shocks to be had (at least first time round), but i imagine (as with most horror flicks) it’d be more scary when watched in a near-pitch-black room. At night. With someone hiding behind the sofa ready to jump up at a particularly tense moment in the film.

The emotional side of the film does work quite well – you can feel the despair of the people trying to hold out against the zombies, especially at certain times in the movie (i try not to give spoilers in my reviews though so you’ll have to see these for yourself).

This is the first “proper” zombie movie I’ve seen (I think I’ve seen other movies that feature a zombie or two though), and whilst I’m pretty sure there are both scarier and plain better zombie flicks out there, this is a worthy re-make.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and even scary at times. The strong female lead is also refreshing, and the ending has a nice, subtle hint of darkness (is that the briefest of smiles I can see on her face? she looks ready to go out and kick zombie ass with the brutal rednecks and gun freaks now).

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  • If you liked the remake you will love the original. It’s very funny. The sequel: Return of the living Dead, is even more over the top that the first, and funnier because of it. Seek out the cult classic Bad Taste. Incredible how something so extreme ends up being so funny.