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Nicky Hilton Launches Clothing Line

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Nicky Hilton, sister of Paris Hilton, launched her new upscale clothing line, Nicky Hilton Beverly Hills. The clothing line is the sequel to Hilton’s Chick, a casual wear line launched in 2004.

Stargazers and ’70s rock were abundant as the first designs of Hilton’s new line graced the room.

Hilton, 22, said her latest creations are “clothes my friends and I could wear,” adding that her designs will sell for far less than what she and her friends could afford to pay.

“This ain’t Prada,” said the hotel heiress.

“I don’t want to be one of those celebrities that slaps their name on a label and collects royalty checks,” Hilton said, noting that she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “Everything on that runway reflects me.”

The big question now is, will Nicky’s line outsell Paris’ line, or will Paris’ line outsell Nicky’s? Time will tell. Information from AP courtesy of the St. Petersburg Times was used for this report.

-John Mudd
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  • Kayla

    well i must say nicky hilton is at least smarter than paris hilton. But people say shes a dumb blonde drama queen and paris always goes through men! Well shes actually quite intellegent. Though must say nick and paris’s clothing range style. PARIS UR NUMBER 1.

  • Okay paris and nicky are not stupid not even Paris she like gets paid to asked like that my bffl meet her in hawi and her name is Payton she has pictures in her room soo yeah .LoVeS YoUr FaViEz FaNz Demi And Payton

  • You guys are idols to me and payton omg we love you guys so much please email me please please please please your our favourite Celebs!

  • What would you do if Paris or Nicky Hilton e-mailed you? Tell us here and I’ll forward it to Paris via e-mail.

  • Don’t go teasing the children now.

  • I’m trying to generate more discussion. It’s great for increasing PageRank. =)

  • candy baby

    we all love paris but come on she’ll just be the next maid at my crid…..”room service”

  • Amanda

    From South Africa.
    Paris and Nicky, I Love The Way You Work For Ur money, Im Sure U Dont Have 2 But u Stil Do, Good On You.

  • Paris Hilton Fan

    Paris and Nicky R my idols. Omg I just luv u guys.although im more of a paris hilton fan Nicky U rock!!

  • Joe

    hey babes i luv you your the best! Nici your 12 times hotter than Paris Hiltion. I would love to be there with you right now but i live in Canida… 🙂 i really want to fuck you:) babe 🙂 and also im 400 pounds…hey babe Call me at 503-669-0452… oh yea this is Joe Hickenbottom

  • Ef

    Nicky is hot and I feel the better looking sister.As well as the sister that seams more down to planet earth.