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Nick’s Kids Pick The President Primary Episode To Air Sunday, January 13

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I just finished watching the New Hampshire primary, dumbstruck — how in the world did Hillary beat Obama? Hillary was behind in most of the polls. I thought it was a done deal. Wrong again. I may be only sixteen, but I think that sitting at home, eating popcorn, and watching the news is really exciting.

Yet I'm one of the few teenagers who do care about politics. At my school, people are so misinformed. Almost nobody knows what is going on. It's frightening. Republican candidate Mike Huckabee said, "The next president will have a lot more impact on their [kids'] lives than the next president will have on the lives of people my age," so why don't kids and teens care about politics? I have a theory. Most of them know that their voices won't be heard, so why would they bother?

This Sunday, January 13, this will all change. Kids and teens will finally have a say in what's going on. This is all thanks to Nick's Kids Pick the President. This special, hosted by Linda Ellerbee, allows all kids with Internet access to vote in a mock Presidential election. Kids can go on the official Kids Pick the President website to learn more about the primary system and the candidates. The site's quite nice, actually. It's ideal for research and is explained in "kid language." I could totally see using it for some sort of school assignment.

This Sunday, Ellerbee will explain how the primary system works. This is ideal for all those kiddies who haven't been bashed with the primary system in AP American History. Multiple times. Personally, I think they should just get rid of primaries and the electoral college (the founding fathers never imagined it lasting this long). It's too complicated, and is another reason that people stop paying attention. Hopefully, Ellerbee will be able to present the facts in a way that is easy to understand, but, as I've mentioned, the website explains it pretty well.

It's about time someone includes kids in politics. Whether we like it or not, kids are our future. I really hope this Nick special captures a lot of kids' attentions. Kids have guessed correctly on who would be the best president four out of the last five elections. This is, however, this is the first time Nick has introduced the primary. The events continue all year, but make sure to tune in this Sunday at 9pm EST.

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