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Nick Saban Needs that Loving Feeling

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A long drive will result in insanity or deep thought. The Critic isn’t sure which applies to him but during the drive and subsequent return to face the angry e-mail of hordes of Alabama fans over Nick Saban, the situation in ‘Bama nation crystallized in my mind.

The overwhelming majority of football fans and media outlets are certain Nick Saban lied. It’s on video, in print, and to further prove the point at least one person thinks Saban should run for Congress. That alone puts him in elite company, the Praetorian guards of lying.

Still, despite the overwhelming evidence, it wasn’t clear if Saban lied or was merely practicing the art of BS. There’s a difference. Below is proof:

“I am not leaving the Miami Dolphins. Period. I’m here.” — LIE

“At this point and time my focus is here. Any speculation is part and parcel of the sports media always needing to create stories. We see it daily from the… what was the question again?” — BS

BS dominates our culture and society. Two books, On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt and Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit by Laura Penny offer an exploration into the art of BS detection.

So, in the end, did Saban lie or practice BS? He lied. This isn’t new in sports but because of Saban’s overwhelming need to be wanted he elevated his game to heights heretofore unseen. The University of Alabama, desperate and waiting to be taken in by anyone with a high profile, merely enabled Nick. It’s a sad commentary on the university but that’s nothing new.

Nick Saban can win national titles at Alabama, but he can’t shake his feeling of failure in Miami nor will success erode the harsh feelings people form when his name is mentioned. Plus, and any fans of Alabama should be ready for this, he’ll grow tired of the job and look elsewhere. He can’t help it. Plus, he’ll lie to you and your kids. He’s not the only one but he represents Alabama and that alone should give parents and their offspring a moments pause. You can’t believe him.

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  • ngall

    This is old news. Get over it and move on.

  • It’s old news yet you took time to comment. WAFL

  • The Haze

    Bad behavior in sports is all old news…until it happens again and again and again and again and then it gets overlooked by…….you ngall.That’s why it continues…..because the people allow it.Sports fans deserve what they get:liars,cheaters and other kind of home run hitters. Sheeesh!!

  • ramajama

    Don Shula, one of Saban’s biggest detractors, and Mike SHula’s father left the Baltimore Colts with 5 years left on a contract to coach the Miami Dolphins. The act was so egrigious to the football world that the NFL commissioner, Paul Tagliabue granted Baltimore a 1st round draft pick in consolation. Now, isn’t hypocrisy just as unsavory a charcter flaw as “BS”?
    The Yankee media needs to give up on this story, and maybe report on how a Southern team manhandled your Buckeyes.

  • Please tell me that somewhere there’s a book you can pick up to read that Paul wasn’t the commissioner during the Baltimore/Miami Shula controversy. Or do facts only exist in yankee media. Hilarious.

  • Ramajama:

    That last comment was by the critic-I mistakenly entered your name in a fit of laughter.

    [Please don’t use other people’s identities; it is proscribed by our comments guidelines and is grounds for banning… Thanks. Comments Editor]

  • conley

    Who cares he “lied” and said he is staying at Miami. The bottom line is he belongs in college sports, he is a dominating force for any program, and he will turn Bama around and the next coach who inherits his team will ride his coat tails just like Miles is doing now. He makes men believe in themselves and he wins, period. 4 yrs from now you will see why Bama hired him, maybe even sooner!! That program is going places and again who cares if he he stays 5 yrs or so…Bama will be in a much better place if he does decide to leave (facilities, TV time, talented foundation, $$, reputation, WINS!!)

  • Alex

    Well dang in one article you say saban will not win a title at alabama now you say he can??? lol make your mind up

  • The Critic

    Shut up meanie Alex! I’m sorry I was wrong. But watch Saban will leave and go to Auburn next year! Watch and see I got some inside info.