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Nick Moss Performs “Ghetto (Kind Of)” on Don Odell’s Legends

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Nick MossNick Moss and The Flip Tops have released exclusive video from their recent appearance on Don Odell’s Legends, including this performance of “Ghetto (Kind Of).” 

It’s been a big year for Moss and his band The Flip Tops. They played shows throughout the US and Europe while recording their ninth album Here I Am, which they released last month. 

“Ghetto” is a song that first appeared on Moss’ Got A New Plan album. It has been extended and reworked for this performance, taking off a little of the velocity of the album version and playing for a more soulful groove. 

Moss’ lead work is first rate throughout, demonstrating his versatility as a player. He can drop weapons-grade solos with the best of them but he doesn’t pummel listeners into submission on this cut, instead riding the groove.

In addition to Moss’ spectacular lead guitar, keys man Travis Reed is featured in this performance and he makes the most of it. He joined the band shortly after the recording of Privileged and made his recorded debut with the band on Here I Am. He has grown as a player after that time on the road and is now a crucial part of the band’s sound.

Moss has finished his 2011 tour but figures to be back on the road in support of Here I Am next year.


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