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Nick Lowe turns 55

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Born March 24, 1949, Nick Lowe turns 55 today. Happy birthday!

Nick Lowe has had quite a career in his own special “keepitasahobby” way. He’s probably made his living off of having written “Peace, Love and Understanding.” Just having the thing on the damned Bodyguard soundtrack probably banished the wolf from his door forever.

He’s a producer, of course, drinkin’ buddy and right hand man to Elvis Costello.

He managed to marry into the Carter family long enough to insert his genetic material into the family tree. June’s last (and very peculiar) original published song was “Tiffany Anastasia Lowe.”

Most of all, Nick Lowe has written a lot of KICK ASS songs. He wrote “The Beast in Me,” one of Johnny Cash’s best American recordings.

He’s also come up with a few really interesting outside songs, notably including “Failed Christian.” I note FREE DOWNLOADS of his excellent “Faithless Lover” at Amazon.

Dig My Mood would be a good overlooked album for part-time Nick Lowe fans to dig up.

If’n you don’t know Nick Lowe, you might start with some of these top classic recordings:

Marie Provost
Failed Christian
Cruel To Be Kin
So It Goes
Heart of the City
36 Inches High
I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
Little Hitler
Peace, Love and Understanding
Faithless Lover
Nutted by Reality
Beast in Me

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  • yessir big al, lowe has written many a fine power pop gem.

    i particularly love “Teacher Teacher”…which can’t be turned up too loud.

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    Plus: He’s a hell of a good bass player.