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Nick Jr.’s Kinetic LazyTown Renewed for a Second Season

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I’m not sure there is a more bizarre show on television than LazyTown, Nick Jr.’s kinetic preschool hit that features an 8 year-old girl with pink hair who appears to live alone and perpetually be on the verge of a cheerleading routine; a remarkably energetic villain (given that his raison d’etre is to suppress physical activity) and disguise artist in Robbie Rotten; an acrobatic and amiable hero, Sportacus, who bounds about in a dashing French moustache inspiring the formerly lazy denizens of LazyTown to be active, eat well, and meet life head on; zippy techno music, random puppet characters, and CGI; and, of yeah, it’s shot in English in Iceland with an international cast and crew (which explains some of the strange accents).

Nick Jr. just announced that it has ordered 18 new episodes of LazyTown for a second season that that will begin airing in May. The comic-action series airs weekdays on Nick Jr. at noon (ET/PT) and weekends on Viacom corporate cousin CBS.

LazyTown was created in Iceland by professional athlete and aerobic champion Magnus Scheving (Sportacus), two-time European Champion and silver medalist in the World Championship of Aerobics. During his travels around the world lecturing on health and fitness, parents often asked Scheving about exercise and nutrition for children. As a response, he created LazyTown in 1991 with the book Go, Go Lazy Town!. The property was built into a multimedia powerhouse in Iceland with businesses including publishing, live theatrical performances and a radio station. LazyTown made its debut as a television show on Nick Jr. — the commercial-free preschool programming block airing on Nickelodeon weekdays from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. — in August, 2004.

Supporting the show’s vivid, hyperreal look, LazyTown is shot in Iceland in an extremely advanced HDTV 24P digital cinematography environment which produces finished movie quality results in real-time.

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  • Oh. God. No. Save. Me.

  • Eric,

    I don’t know how to say this, but I know everything about Lazy Town thanks to my daughter. When I first saw it, I really thought someone was on drugs (either the people in the show or that I inadvertently popped a pill).

    Now, I am quite familiar with what is my daughter’s favorite show (besides That’s So Raven on Disney). It is quite strange and Robbie Rotten is probably the oddest character on television.

  • Heidi

    I was first exposed to “Lazy Town” via my daughter and just love it! Yikes, what does that say about me? Well, it does explain the red hair dye mistake a couple of weeks ago — think pink! As to comment #2, maybe I “inadvertently popped a pill” too! Gee, with six kids, I may have popped more than one pill . . . all except for that one. I jest! Now, back to the valium . . . I mean Calgon, take me away. Who said anything about valium?

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks guys! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the clash of people, puppets, CGI, neon colors, American and Icelandic sensibilities, ongoing hero-villain conflict, and tips on nutrition and fitness a peculiar but enticing mix for little ones

  • it’s a somewhat guilty pleasure. Well, I don’t know if “pleasure” is the right word–is “dumbfoundedness” a word? I accidentally stumbled upon it last year, and had the same reaction that I did when I first stumbled upon “Teletubbies” (boy, I sure am glad Pat Robertson and-or Jerry Falwell set me, um “straight” on that one). I’m trying to curb my stumbling upon proclivities, but I’m going to blame Iceland for this somehow.

  • Eric Olsen

    my wife wonders where Stephanie’s parents are in all this

  • Robin Warren

    I started liking Lazytown when I first saw the superhero Sportacus. I also like Stephanie and when I first saw her, I wondered where her parents were, but she had her uncle with her and all her friends. I am glad she was happy. I was also suprised when Sportacus couldn’t eat sugar. I wonder why when he eats sugar, he has a sugar meltdown.
    I might go to Iceland and meet all of the actors who starred in Lazytown, especially the man who played Sportacus, which I think his name is Magnus Scheving, who lives in Iceland. I might even ask him to teach me some of the tricks he does in the show.

  • I’m a grownup who loves LT and not just because my six-year-old watches it.

    FWIW, Stephanie’s parents are back wherever she came from before moving to LazyTown. In the original premise, she was visiting her uncle, LazyTown’s mayor Milford Meanswell, for the summer. I think it’s still summer (which is why the kids don’t have school, even though they’re all school-aged), except for the Surprise Santa episode.

    It could be worse. The original Icelandic name of Sportacus? Was “Íþróttaálfurinn,” which translates as “Sport Elf.”

    Actually, I just like saying, “Íþróttaálfurinn.”

  • Buenas Tardes…
    No se hablar Ingles…
    Mi nombre es Francisco Avilez soy de Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico y soy papa de Alfonzo Avilez fanatico de “Lazy Town”(Alfonzo tiene 2 años y se cree “Sportacus”).

    Solamente queria comentar acerca del programa de television “Lazy Town”.
    Es un programa muy bueno, que interactua a los niños y los enseña a comer frutas y todo lo que sea sano.
    Vemos el programa por la cadena Sky en canal 303 de Discovery Kids.

    Quisiera saber como poder contactarme en Español a alguna tienda de souvenirs que haya aqui en Mexico o en Estados Unidos ya que vivo cerca de la Frontera.

    Bueno eso es todo y espero respuesta del mismo.

  • nikki

    Sportacus is quite possibly the sexiest man on television, which makes having to watch the programme over and over again with my 2 year old much more pleasureable!
    As for the content of the show, I love it, fantastic example to set young children, exercise and sportscandy, but also the odd computer game and candy bar are not forbidden!
    Brilliat, March Scheving deserves an medal, and a big kiss from me!! ha ha!!

  • adan

    i can not find a game that my frand play’s and it is at nickjr.com and it is like in a cercas and you get to play games to wen tickets and you get to biy stuf with loosing your tickets. can you tell me were it is?