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Second Round Matchups:


Detroit vs. Calgary – The best team in the league versus a 6 seed. Red Wings in 5.

San Jose vs. Colorado – San Jose has the home-ice advantage. But it won’t matter. The Wings and Avs are destined to meet in the Western Conference Finals. Colorado in 6.


Tampa Bay vs. Montreal – Tampa Bay is a better team. (But let’s not forget that Boston was a better team than Montreal, and they lost in 7.) Still, I gotta pick the Lightning in 6.

Philly vs. Toronto – The last of the Canadian teams will be crushed. Toronto had a tough enough time winning a series with home-ice; they will lose without it. Philly in 7.

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  • With the Bruins out, I just don’t give a shit anymore.

    I would say “Go Celts,” but what’s the point?

    It sucks to be a sports fan in Boston.

  • I feel for sports fans in Boston. The Celtics are horrible, the Red Sox always choke in historic fashion, and the Bruins do the same.

    Your saving-grace is the Patriots. Of course, they aren’t the BOSTON Patriots. They are the New England Patriots. So you can’t claim all the glory… ;-]

    FWIW, I’m a Detroit sports fan. The Pistons and Red Wings are good, but the Tigers and Lions are horrible.

    It’s tough being loyal to one city…

  • Jonathan

    Montreal is going to win against Tampa, it’s so obvious.
    I don’t even have to watch the games (I will anyways) But they are going to win.
    *like most montrealers is a die hard montreal fan)

  • Tom

    The flyers will still have their hands full. Eddie the Eagle was tough in his starts against Ottowa, though the Flyers always have his number. Flyers in 6

  • kuro