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NFL-Time Warner Battle Yields A Positive Result

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Sometimes life is good and you don’t realize it. But I was blessed this week, and I finally figured out that yes, my life is pretty good.

Thank-you cards to the NFL Network and Time Warner Cable are in the mail.

Being on vacation and away from work, there just wasn’t much for me to get upset about in the past week. I was staying at a house that had Adelphia Cable, and therefore had the NFL Network, which I love.

Earlier this week, that all changed when Time Warner took over Adelphia. The result was the NFL Network was no longer available. That’s because Time Warner has not carried the NFL Network, and has yet to reach a deal to do so.

In the past, this would have been a minor annoyance. But this year, the NFL Network is not only showing every preseason game, but broadcasting eight regular season games as well. I spend a lot of my off time at this house, and I want to see the games.

Having already sent out emails requesting Time Warner pick up the station, I did what all good bloggers do: I blogged about it. Perhaps I was expecting the 15 readers of my site to show Time Warner the error of its ways.

Regardless, as I was checking the Internet to see if the millionaires at Time Warner and the millionaires at the NFL had worked out a deal to make enough millions together, I had a thought: This is pretty ridiculous.

The NFL Network is running commercials on the radio encouraging viewers to complain to the cable company. In response, Time Warner has started a website for viewers to complain to the NFL.

Lord knows what the eventual result will be. But we do know the immediate result: Millionaires are not only satisfied to be bitching themselves. They want everyone not as fortunate to bitch for them.

In the end I suspect both sides will win, reaching a deal that will compensate the NFL and the cable network.

But I also think the fans and subscribers will lose. Either they won’t see what they want on TV. Or they will, but have to pay more for it.

Still, there is an overwhelming positive. If getting a TV network on my cable package is one of the great gripes in life, things must be pretty good.

Thank you Time Warner. Thank you NFL Network. Your pettiness has shown this fan just how blessed he really is.

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  • Pettiness is right. Even the TWC “whine to the NFL” site is lame and petty. They should have an option that says something like, “why the hell should I have to suddenly start paying to watch games that have been free to me for years in my team’s market? You guys both suck.”

    I don’t want a package. I want to be able to watch my game on network/cable TV like I have for years…without paying extra.

    I’ve been lambasting TWC and the NFL via email for a day now. I can’t get enough. They really do suck.

    Guess there isn’t such thing as “rich enough” for these corporate pricks.

  • scopr

    I have over 70k in stock w time warner and I’m about to pull it all out!!