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NFL Ruins Baseball Momentum With McNabb Trade

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The timing of this trade was, without a doubt, on purpose. At 8:00 p.m., Josh Beckett's first pitch to Derek Jeter marked the first official baseball occurrence for the year. One minute later, NFL cyborg reporter Adam Schefter did an official Twitter thing wherein Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was announced to be traded to those delightful Washington Redskins.

Schefter? More like Adam Saboteur! Even though ESPN was broadcasting the Yanks/Sox game and ESPN broke the story, I'm pretty sure this was all orchestrated by the NFL to draw attention away from baseball's Opening Day. When it comes to April, football needs to construct some really oddball stories to shift the focus away from MLB's first month, the NBA's last month, and Tiger Woods playing at the Masters. This was really quite diabolical.

All right, enough with the unfounded theories (which are nevertheless absolutely true). Washington gave up a second round pick in this year's NFL draft and some kind of late-round pick next year in exchange for a guy who will most certainly replace the much-maligned Jason Campbell under center. They're still in no shape to be considered a playoff team, but considering all their flaws, you can cross off maybe the fourth most pressing conundrum on their list.

But here's what going to be the true aftermath of this trade: McNabb will stay in the NFC East, which virtually guarantees he'll return to Philadelphia wearing a reddish-type uniform. Then you'll wonder if Eagles fans are going to boo him or simply remain envious that they, once again, forgot to appreciate one of their superstar players while they still had him.

But, hey, that second round pick might turn out be a nice linebacker or something.

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  • Hey Hey
    Ho Ho
    We got McNabb!!!

    Dancing in my chair.
    Can’t stop my happy feet 😛


  • Bet on Washington their two games this season. He’s going to kill it like Marcus Allen and the Chiefs against the Raiders used to

  • Dom

    The eagles are idiots… McNabb always gave them a shot..