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NFL Elimination: Joel, Chelsea Venture Toward Week 6

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Our last two survivors enter the second week of brutal head-to-head sudden death. (In all honesty, picking NFL games isn’t as bloody as it sounds.)

In Week 5, Chelsea Lou Snyder went with the 3-1 Broncos, who held off a comeback from the previously unbeaten Redskins in Denver to win 21-19.

Joel Hammond stayed in the game with his Carolina pick, who battled back from a 20-10 deficit to the lowly Arizona Cardinals by posting two scores in the final quarter to win 24-20.

In Week 6, our brave seers search for a safe win. Joel finds comfort in San Diego (2-3) to beat the scurvy 1-3 Oakland Raiders (known in some locales as THERRRRRAYDAHZZZZ.”) Chelsea looks to Atlanta (3-2) and the return of Michael Vick to tear through a vulnerable 2-3 Saints team playing in San Antonio.

For what it’s worth, this contest coordinator’s safest pick is Seattle (3-2) at home over Houston (0-4). Then again, he went out in the first round and subsequently jinxed the aquatic birds.

Picks used up so far:
Both have used the Bucs (4-1) and the Colts (5-0).
Chelsea has used the Eagles (3-2), the Ravens (1-3) and the Broncos (4-1).
Joel has used the Steelers (3-1), the Bengals (4-1) and the Panthers (3-2).

Note: From now on these two will privately tell me their picks and I will post them — hopefully more timely than this post — prior to the games.

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  • A win’s a win. Nothing else matters.

  • Chels has had some close games as of late.

  • RJ

    Well, they are both still in it, for at least another week…