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NFL Elimination Goes To Week 9 … And Goes … And Goes …

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Yeah, this elimination thing is still going on. And our two final competitors have officially survived more than half the season.

Week 8 results

Chelsea Snyder breezed through Week 8 with the Dallas Cowboys as they rounded up the Arizona Cardinals and branded them 34-13. Joel Hammond, for a change, picked a nail-biter. The New England Patriots, complete with Tedy Bruschi action goodness, battled uphill from a 16-7 deficit in the fourth quarter to overtake the Buffalo Bills 21-16.

Week 9 picks

The two games chosen are two considered to be sure-fire, at least according to my company’s football pickem game (played by over 80,000 people) in which at least 90 percent of the masses agree with our finalists. So that’s a good sample size.

Joel submitted his pick first, and went with the 4-3 Jacksonville Jaguars hosting 1-6 Houston Texans. Even Vegas is considering this the most lopsided pick, with the Jags a 13-point favorite.

Chelsea, meanwhile, has had good luck with picking against the Cardinals, who this week host the 5-2 Seattle Seahawks, and she isn’t about to stop the mojo. Quietly the Seahawks have put together a three-game win-streak and have a chance to pull away with an effective three-game lead in that enigmatic NFC West.

Picks so far

Both have used the Bucs (5-2) and the Colts (7-0).

Chelsea has used the Eagles (4-3), Ravens (2-5), Broncos (6-2), Falcons (6-2), Rams (4-4), Cowboys (5-3) and Seahawks (5-2).
Joel has used the Steelers (5-2), Bengals (6-2), Panthers (5-2), Chargers (4-4), Redskins (5-2), Patriots (4-3) and Jaguars (4-3).

So … is anyone … winning?

Depends on how you measure a lead. We can look at the combined win percentages of the teams they have chosen thus far:

Combined win total for Chelsea’s picked teams: 44-23 (.657 win pct.)
Combined win total for Joel’s picked teams: 45-20 (.692 win pct.)

So it looks like Chelsea is “winning,” although this game’s like billiards. One wrong move with the eight-ball and you’re done.

Winning-record teams still open to everyone: the Seahawks (5-2), Giants (4-2), Jaguars (4-2) and Chiefs (4-2).

Week 8 thread

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