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NFL Cheerleader Trials: Bring It On!

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Explain this: Reality TV is all the rage. The consummately boring NFL draft received many hours of national TV coverage last weekend on ESPN. American Idol seems to be on the tube nonstop nationwide. You can watch Emeril Lagasse make food on TV any hour of the day. Yet the eye-popping local NFL event below got NO TV coverage and is relegated to the inside pages of a local free newspaper.

Yes, recently 200 twenty-something women auditioned in Foxboro, Massachusetts for 12 spots on the New England Patriots Cheerleader squad. Judging from the photo in the above-linked article, the judges faced a very difficult choice and had only a day to make up their minds.

So why hasn’t this audition been made into a reality TV show? Methinks men just might watch it. Put the audition on TV, make it 1-2 weeks long with sessions every night, and let thousands of dedicated Patriots fans root (and maybe vote!) for their own personal favorites!

Why not have nightly televised talent shows for the candidates and each night vote a few sobbing girls off the show until there were only 12 left and these made the roster? It sounds like a sure ratings winner to me. Why hasn’t Hollywood done anything? They will, when they read this.

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  • Maybe they can call it “American Eye-Full.”

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