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Last night saw the normal Wednesday get-together of the core of the band. Instead of working on “Every Rocker…” it was decided we would work on the arrangement of the next tune in the queue, working title being ‘Waking up Blues’. It was good fun to be looking at something different for a change. We have the arrangement sorted and just need a guitarist to come in an lay down a few licks. We are currently working on a three-track EP that was requested by an interested record company.

Over at Blogcritics a commenter asked me what this band was going to sound like in the end. I suspect, considering the lyrics, the music, and the players involved, it will be very bluesy hard rock. We will probably be a mish-mashing of Whitesnake, Quireboys/Black Crowes, and a dash of power metal thrown in for good measure. Since we got a good mouth organ player involved, otherwise known as John, we will try to use his skill and multiple harmonicas whenever possible. John did a guest spot with Sweatleaf on Saturday night at the Leather Bottle. Quite sportingly, Sweatleaf will be lending their guitarist to us for recording purposes.

All in all, after we get around the logistics of time to work together, the music comes very easily indeed. John is well capable of getting into my brain and figuring out what I envisioned when I was writing the lyrics. There are times when he manages to pull stuff out I didn’t even realise was there. Now all we need is time to get together and work on that music. Despite the tiring concentration needed, John, Tom, and I are still enjoying the band thing. Long may it continue.

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    I’ll be keeping an eye on this one

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