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Newsweek Still Hates America

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While Americans saw this cover on their February 2 issues of Newsweek

…the Japanese saw this cover…

… and international readers saw this one…

It only took me one or two issues, a long time ago, to realize Newsweek had little to do with news, and a lot to do with leftist, anti-American propaganda. I rarely ever read it. So is it any surprise that they'd have no qualms printing a false, anti-American story that resulted in numerous deaths?

A major, conservative,online, news site reports:

"I think they have crossed the line into outright treason," wrote one blogger yesterday. "It's time to see some of these enemy propagandists hanging from the end of a rope."

(Since they didn't name or link to the blogger, I didn't feel I needed to name or link to them.)

Commentaries on the Newsweek Fiasco

Pat Buchanan, Moral nihilism at Newsweek

Only a few have urged that Newsweek's editors be brought up on sedition charges. But what Newsweek did is worse than the anti-war activity for which labor leader Eugene Debs was given 10 years in prison during World War I.

Mark Steyn, Cricket star knows how to fire up fanatics

… even these riots wouldn't have happened if Imran Khan hadn't provided the short fuse between Newsweek's match and those explosive mobs. Imran is a highly Westernized, wealthy Pakistani who found great fame and fortune in England.

Michael Reagan, The White House Press Corps' Selective Outrage

The day after the story broke about Newsweek publishing an inflammatory – and bogus – story accusing our military of desecrating the Koran, reporters at the daily White House press briefing reacted in rage. But their rage was not against Newsweek, for in effect inciting riots that killed at least 16 or 17 and injured scores more, but instead at the White House for daring to criticize Newsweek… When the tragic bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City took place, Bryant Gumbel took to the air to blame it on Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North (who had been on talk radio for just one week at the time), and me. It was our rhetoric, the former anchor said, that caused the bombers to do their deadly deed.

Blog Coverage

Powerline, LGF, Captain's Quarters (also here), Blogs for Bush, Brutally Honest

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  • This needs to move to Politics

  • Eric Olsen

    while it is certainly borderline, I think since its about Newsweek, it’s about the media, but I included Politics subcats

  • The first time in the last 5 years neocons have cared about non-Americans dying? When it’s sort-of the result of an American media outlet . . .

    That’s just embarrassing. This obsession with the media, rather than the substance of the policies the media covers, is absurd.

  • Shark

    ‘from a conservative blogger: “It’s time to see some of these enemy propagandists hanging from the end of a rope.”

    Is this what the Christian Right means by “culture war”?

    Being a ‘liberal’ in contemporary America is starting to feel like being a Jew in 1930s Germany.

    Shark (who’ll start defending the Second Amendment with a renewed fervor)

  • Ah, good old Pat Buchanan. Leaping headlong into the 19th century and not aware that the sedition law was repealed in 1802.


  • Shark

    PatBuchanan: “…Only a few have urged that Newsweek’s editors be brought up on sedition charges…”

    We’ll get to this right after we hang Robert Novak for treason.



    Fucking Hypocrites.

  • Keep your eyes out. The new issue of Newsweek coming out this week is supposed to have a followup article on the Koran and the GITMO prisoners. I wonder if this one will mention the official pentagon policy on the Koran which includes insane concessions to the terrorists like infidels only handling the Koran with gloves on…


  • Oh, and Shark. Please don’t try to use anything Pat Buchanan says as representative of anyone on any part of the right spectrum. He’s a liberal gone weird.


  • bigcity

    To all you stupid liberals who hate america and want it brought down I have only this to say… Be careful what you wish for.

  • Re #9 To all you stupid right-wingers who love Bush and want only to exalt and glorify him, I have only this to say… Be careful what you wish for too.

  • Nancy

    Pat Buchanan is … part of the neocon contingent, but he’s SO weird, he’s in a category restricted to the real nuts, like Cheney.

  • Reaganlover

    First of all, no conservative has love for Bush or Arnold Schwarzenegger, as they acted contrary to conservative beliefs, enlarging government and raising taxes – they should be labeled liberal, whatever their self-professed leaning. Second, I wish I would hear one word of proof or evidence out of the mouth of a liberal – for all I hear is emotion, passion, and frank name-calling (example – evil, fascist, racist (when the leader of the republican party is a black man, btw idiots), etc.). FDR, for example, did nothing but build up America’s debt, holding off our obligation to pay until the next generation, which we (as said next generation), will now need to shoulder, and yet he is idolized as the ideal president (in whose steps presumably current President Obama now wants to follow – however he is only building on FDR’s debt by about 3 trillion dollars (probably higher now)). Third, although not mentioned in these comments so far, I will also point out that FOX news is COMPLETELY justified in being Right-Wing when EVERY other news station (believe me, I’ve tried to find a neutral one for hours on end at a time) is decidedly Left-leaning (CBS, CNN, etc.. – give me an example of one that’s not – I would definitely be able to prove you wrong). So for all you racist liberals out there (that’s right, I’m on to you racists – I know you use the word “racist” because you can’t come up with a better argument against some conservative white (or black, as I earlier pointed out) person(notice, I do not include actual skinheads OR terrorists in this discussion, to prove to you REAL CONSERVATIVES are not racist)), shut the hell up. And have a nice day 🙂