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Newsweek Poll Confirms Results Of Time Poll

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In a front-page web exclusive, Newsweek leads with a story titled “Bush’s Big Bounce” that details the results of their latest poll. Just like the Time magzine poll released yesterday, they show Bush ahead 52 percent to 41 percent.

As Bush’s numbers climb, those of his challenger appear to have sunk to their lowest point this year. Solid majorities of registered voters now view the president as personally likeable (67 percent), someone who “says what he believes and not just want people want to hear” (66 percent), as a strong leader (65 percent) and someone who cares about people (53 percent)

The article notes that in late July, Kerry was leading by 7 points. So in the span of about five weeks, Kerry has seen an overall loss of 18 points. That’s quite a significant drop in such a short time period, and one that will be very difficult to reverse before November, given Bush’s strong momentum coming out of the convention.

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  • Leading up to the election in Canada a couple of months ago, the polls were all over the place, and turned out to be nothing more than fiction.

    So why are you placing so much importance in an election which has already been rigged?

  • Well, your assertion certainly was well thought out and documented, thank you for your input.

  • Who rigged it? The guys flying the black helicopters?

  • Hey, did you know that if you wear an aluminum foil hat, the guys flying the black helicopters can’t see you?

  • So are the guys flying the black helicopters all fnords?

    This part right here is what seems to be most decisive: “someone who ‘says what he believes and not just want people want to hear’ (66 percent)”

    That’s a pretty remarkable number. How’s Kerry going to beat that? His people have gone on and on accusing Bush of “lying,” but it just hasn’t stuck. That’s probably because it’s just not got much truth value.

  • The recent Canadian federal election which took just over eight weeks to resolve, had polls going all over the place, almost all of them were wrong.

    So, takes your polls and shove them up your ass for all that they mean.

    However, if you want to buy some lottery tickets, give me a call. Suckers,. oopps, did I say that out loud?

  • Sounds like Canadian polling entities don’t know what they’re doing, what does that have to do with the USA?

  • Shark

    Looks like we’ll get the President we deserve, ie. a fucking facist moron.

  • Oh, Bush=Hitler. Well, I’m convinced.

  • Regarding polls, who tells you that polls mean anything. Why, polling companies, of course. There’s a saying in the advertising biz, “research proves research works”.

    Polls are statically meaningless which dress themselves up in what would be called in accounting corporate fraud.

    If you tried to balance your chequebook using political polling methodology, you’d probably go to jail.

  • eh white guy, fascism doesn’t equal adolph. For example, there’s a profile of Pedro Almodovar in today’s NYTimes Mag. Spain was under a fascist dictatorship for more than 40 years, supported by the US government. Fascism, at its source, is an oligarchy in collusion with corporations (now, however could be doing that in the USA?)

    The ‘murrican fascist parties of the 30s and 40s never went away, they just moved into the mainstream parties.

    Of course, whatever I write isn’t going to change your vote for Homer Stokes anyways.

  • So now you’re saying Bush is a member of the KKK?

  • It’s not what I say on this thread, it’s what you say. What do you stand for? What you propose your country do to make the world a better place (or conversely how you propose to make the the world a temporary safe habour for you).

    If you stand for rape, pillage, and greed, at least have the balls to say so.

    All I can see is that Republicrats stand for looting the public goodwill.

  • Jim, what do I stand for, what would I do to make the world better? CLICK HERE to find out.

    I’m all against rape, pillage and greed. Otherwise, I’d sign up as a Democrat.

    I’m FOR protecting the country, and actively hunting down people who are trying to kill us and whacking them first.

    I’m FOR repealing the income tax, and letting people keep their own money.

    I’m FOR getting rid of at least half of what the federal government spends money on, starting with agricultural subsidies and the entire Department of Education.

  • Hey, whadda ya know? “Goodfellas” is one of my favourite movies too!

    Al writes: I’m FOR protecting the country, and actively hunting down people who are trying to kill us and whacking them first.

    I’m FOR repealing the income tax, and letting people keep their own money.

  • Well, you called Bush Homer Stokes, so that means you’re implying he’s a racist. You can’t just throw that out there and say that it’s not about what you said.

    And I’ll agree with all of what Al said in Comment 14, and add that we can’t just get rid of the IRS, but we need to replace it with the Fair Tax. I know Dennis Hastert is intent on pursuing that in the upcoming session of Congress, I really hope the issue gets some traction, it’s time we ended the federal government’s practice of taking hard-working citizens’ money without their consent at gunpoint.