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Emmy Awards Broadcast Rescheduled — Again!

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Two awards shows on one night will just not do! Playing switcheroo once again with the date for the 2009 Emmy awards, CBS has moved the television awards ceremony back to its original date of September 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET so it will not conflict with the already-scheduled MTV Video Music Awards.

The September 20 date was moved up a week to September 13 to avoid bumping up against a CBS NFL doubleheader (which could cause a late start to the awards broadcast). The move to the earlier date was just announced by CBS two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, September 13 happens also to be the scheduled date for the MTV Video Music awards broadcast, a date that had been long-ago locked in. The two networks agreed that the conflict would serve no one’s interests, so CBS, with more scheduling flexibility moved the 61st annual Emmy Awards broadcast back to its original date September 20, which is the day before the “official” start of the 2009-2010 primetime television season.

That still leaves CBS with the possibility of the NFL doubleheader running long, and creating a late start for the awards ceremony. However, CBS feels that is preferable to going head to head with another major entertainment awards show. A time-flexible edition of the venerable 60 Minutes newsmagazine show will air at the conclusion of the football game, ensuring a start time for the Emmy as close to 8:00 p.m. as possible.

Primetime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on July 16 8:40 a.m.

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  • m-ouse

    thanks for the news!!! ^__^

  • Orange450

    September events are always a toss-up. Will they or won’t they conflict with a chag? This one just scrapes in under the wire, and even so, it’ll be a scramble. The rapid context-switching is also hard. For me, this would be better in November! :-)

  • Donna

    Do you mean to tell me with this NFL double header better than 3 months away (and everyone else w/scheduling conflicts demonstrating flexibility in their programming) that the start of the games can’t be moved to even an hour earlier? Then CBS can get their evening’s prime time programming to roll at a reasonable hour. Maybe even on time.

    Remember when the Emmy’s were broadcast in the spring (April/May?). Maybe they should return to that time.