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Newsbriefs: Gonzales, Rove, Man Eating Badgers and Victory in Iraq

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Gonzales and Rove Called Before Senate

So the Senate called Alberto Gonzales down to answer questions about controversial attorney firings at the Justice Department. He was vague and seemed to be developing Alzheimers, and the Senators from both parties were far from satisfied with his answers.

Now they apparently enjoyed his visit so much want him to come back and clarify contradictions between his recollections and information they were given by FBI DIrector Mueller and other sources. If he doesn’t cooperate, several prominent Democrats have promised to indict him for perjury. Even more exciting, the Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed Karl Rove and one of his aides to come down and give their testimony on the attorney firings as well. Chairman Patrick Leahy has even suggested that a special prosecutor may be needed.

This all makes for great media fodder, especially getting Rove to testify, but one has to wonder if the Democrats could be doing something better with their time. It seems uniquely pointless to continue to pursue this issue when even the worst Gonzales is being accused of doesn’t violate any laws. Cries that this is a witch hunt are becoming more widespread on the right, because no matter how feckless and moronic Gonzales appears to be, it’s quite clear that nothing the Senate comes up with will ever be able to trump the simple fact that attorneys in the Justice Department are hired and fired at will, and they can legally be fired for any reason, including the most blatantly political. He may be a bit of an embarassment in office, but perjury may be the only grounds they’re going to be able to indict Gonzales on. But for now we can expect the bread and circuses to continue indefinitely.

For more see the Washington Post article and a detailed report on CNN.

Victory in Iraq!

I bet you thought there’s never any good news from Iraq. Well, this week Iraq showed that it does have at least one thing going for it by winning the Asian Cup with a low-scoring victory over Saudi Arabia.

Celebrations broke out all over the country suggesting that Iraqis of every stripe may at least hold a love of football in common. The celebrations were only marred by a few more or less accidental deaths from the traditional celebratory gunfire, unlike the celebration for their semi-final victory which attracted two suicide bombers. Al Qaeda apparently figured out that bombing football celebrations could easily be interpreted as a pro-Saudi political statement. Prime Minister Maliki has promised $10,000 to each team member, which is a fraction of what the Saudi players would have gotten had they won, but still a nice incentive bonus. Now if only the Iraqi people could do to the Saudi-based al Qaeda terrorists what their football team did to the Saudi team, some progress might be made in Iraq.

For more see reports at IraqSlogger.

Giant Badgers in Basra

I wouldn’t normally pick up on a story I saw on The Daily Show but this one was so bizarre I had to do some followup. It seems that the city of Basra is under attack by giant, man-eating badgers.

Hysterical reports suggest attacks by something rather like the Chupacabra, but eyewitness video demonstrates that the creatures roaming the streets of Basra at night are apparently the rare Iraqi Honey Badger, one of the largest and most aggressive members of the badger family, with five-inch long, razor sharp claws and as big as a medium-sized dog.

Spurious claims about the badgers abound, including that they feed on human corpses (unlikely since Basra is one of the more peaceful areas in Iraq with no corpses in the streets), were imported as some sort of bioweapon by the British, have killed and eaten cows (they’re not THAT big) and have attacked humans (never previously documented). What seems more likely is that something has driven them out of their normal feeding grounds, and like a lot of other predators they can probably find good sustenance picking through human garbage. Given all that they’ve had to suffer through, a plague of giant badgers does seem like one more problem Iraqis really don’t deserve.

For more on this story, check out this link from Fox News Australia. For a documentary video of the Honey Badger see YouTube.

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  • mullah cimoc

    mullah cimoc say usa and the usa govt not having the good record for tell iraq war truth.

    for this not believe unless concreting proof. now story so suspicious. to organize for come from every control media source in usa.

    remember, no such thing as left press or the right press in usa, all him corporate media-cooperate with start war never to ask questioning.

    This the logical: usa govt and media lying about nearly everything aspect of iraq war. when multiple media source simultaneous story this showing the organize media control. everywhere in usa now control media say: usa win now, usa win now. Mullah cimoc think this the propaganda technical use for control usa people.

    what him guerilla fighter do historical when “surge” coming, for example chinese guerillas army mao tse tung against japonese occupier. A: him guerilla go swim in ocean, then occupier army use all energy to run to and fro and then the exhaustion, and so hot and then stagger, finally barracuda coming.

    usa people needing the kindness, not the cruel and the torture. not to beleive usa control media so lying and wicked.

  • Joe SixPack

    well ram a dam a ding dong….

  • Well, there are some fine quality comments. I had sort of hoped we had seen the last of the guy who talks tonto-speak.


  • RJ

    I believe the US military should arm these honey badger mercs TO THE TEETH, if indeed this foe is capable of spreading fear and chaos among the Iranian-backed Shia militia thugs.


    If you oppose the honey badger, you are nothing more than an unpatriotic communist scoundrel.

  • The badger thing might actually bear some looking into. One has to wonder what’s happened to their native habitat to drive them into the city.


  • STM

    You don’t have to be rocket scientists to work this one out …

    I believe these corpse-eating giant badgers are the result of some weird bio-experiment carried out by Iraqi scientists. They were obviously held in some underground bunker somewhere and were among those pesky WMDs that just couldn’t be found.

    Well, lo and behold – now the buggers have escaped, probably by tunnelling their way out, as badgers are wont to do. I knew the truth couldn’t be hidden forever. This just vindicates those who’ve been telling us for the past few years that Saddam really did have some nasty surprises up his sleeve (or possibly up his trouser leg).

    As badgers are well-known fuddy-duddy monarchists, it also doesn’t surprise me that the lumpenmasse of the giant Iraqi honey-eating badger has turned up on the doorstep of the stuffy Poms.

  • You’re onto something there, Stan. Badger in the Wind in the Willows always seemed like a stuffy monarchist type to me.


  • comment #1 looks like something you’d get from babelfish trying to translate Kanji into spanish then into farsi and then into english!!!

    Maybe the badgers ate the WMD’s???

  • Dr Dreadful

    Whoever this “Mullah Cimoc” is, I can say with some confidence that s/he is both a first-language English speaker and a very clever mimic.

    The syntax is consistent (albeit unconventional), the spelling immaculate (except for a couple of typos) and it just doesn’t read like it’s someone trying to translate from Arabic.

    Add to this the fact that “Cimoc” is comic spelled backwards, and you get… well, goodness knows, but it certainly got our attention, didn’t it?!

  • Clavos

    I noticed, too, Doc.

    Actually, the comments are pretty well done.

  • Except that they sound more like Tonto than Mullah anyone.


  • moonraven

    Wrong again, Nlle.

    You sound more like tonto–but in the spanish translation.

    Gonzales has broken all the laws he could get his hands on–threw out due process, habeas corpus, the Geneva Convention, right to privacy–
    you name it–in short, he did away with the Rule of Law. Now you jokers are just like Mexico–except you don’t have the ubiquitous AMPARO (get out of jail free card) that we have here.

    He has also broken the dictates of acceptable taste with his excruciatingly bad dye job!

    Every time I see his photo, his hair is blacker–apparently to hacer parejo con su pinche alma.

  • zingzing

    “Basra is one of the more peaceful areas in Iraq with no corpses in the streets.”

    woo-hoo! go basra!

    yeah. good for the iraqi national team though. and good on al qaeda for not blowing shit up when they won.

  • Nancy

    LOL, Doc & Clavos; I believe you’re both right – about the badgers as well as … ‘cimoc’. I caught the backwards spelling too. Easy when you practice on reading stuff on other people’s desks upside down (or backwards) all the time.

  • Heloise

    Dave, have you seen Edwards’ Web site? He has a petition one can sign to “impeach” Gonzales!


  • moonraven

    Yoou’ve gotta be kidding!

    Dave would rather gouge out his eyes than look at a democrat’s site….

  • I haven’t been on the site since he had the petition. I’ll check it out since it presumably has a list of the reasons to impeach him. Not sure that petitions are normally part of the impeachment process, but it ought to at least be amusing.


  • Ok, I checked it out. It has no causes for impeachment. It’s not even asking for impeachment. It’s directed at Gonzales to convince him to resign. Actually much more sensible than what you suggested it was.


  • Baronius

    How about a four-way partition, giving the Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, and Badgers their own semi-autonomous governments? We need to bring the badgers into any coalition government, because a truly crazed badger can nibble through an oil pipeline and sabotage the Iraqi economy.

    Maybe they’re responsible for the intermittent power in Baghdad! They could be biting through power lines, at the cost of their own lives. They are – don’t get ahead of me, I’m headed toward the punch line – suicide badgers!

  • Clavos

    Are they Wahhabis, Baronius? Or Al-Qaeda badgers?

  • Dr Dreadful

    this week Iraq showed that it does have at least one thing going for it by winning the Asian Cup

    It’s a pretty impressive feat, added to the team’s achievement in reaching the Olympic semi-finals three years ago, and especially when you consider the manner of their victory: not only did they beat the Saudis, but also dispatched Australia and South Korea en route to the final. That’s three of the four strongest teams in Asia.

    To put it in some kind of perspective, it’s as if a Bosnian national team in the 1990s had qualified for the European Championship, defeated Germany in the group stage, edged out Italy on penalties in the semis and gone on to beat France in the final.

    Congrats, boys. But keep your heads down when you get home!

  • It does demonstrate that the $10K bonuses for winning under the current government seem to be a better incentive than the bullet in the back of the head offered to losing players under the prior Iraqi regime.


  • STM

    Or the three days without food and water inside the old iron maiden.

  • Clavos

    “Or the three days without food and water inside the old iron maiden.”

    MR was in Iraq back then???

  • STM

    Lol. Classic. You’ll end up in the torture chamber if MR ever gets a hold of you.

  • moonraven

    I believe he is in the torture chamber already.

  • Dr Dreadful

    #22, #23: It wasn’t so much the Iraqi national team back then. More like Uday Hussein’s XI… X… IX… VIII… VII…