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News Bites: George Romero’s New Zombies, 28 Months Later?, Night of the Demons Remake, Oscar Commercials, Green Lantern Casting?

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As I always try to look for some new way to expand my offerings, I have decided to keep an eye out across the world of entertainment news and try my hand at news reporting/commentary on stories that catch my eye. Obviously, I cannot cover everything, nor will I be able to cover most of it, or much of it at all. What I will do is catch whatever I can as I can and hope that it delivers something new to you.

George Romero and Island Zombies

George Romero is up to his old tricks again. By old tricks, I mean another zombie movie. As cool as it may be to have Romero try something outside the zombie horror subgenre, there is nothing quite like a Romero zombie. Slash Film is reporting that there is a story and a cast for this next excursion into zombie horror.

It seems that the working title is Something of the Dead. Sounds perfect, I think they should stick with that. I mean we know that the title will include "of the dead," so why not leave the "something" there and let the audience fill in the blank based on their interpretation? I know, stupid idea, but you know at some point we will have choose your own adventure type movies, which will require new titles for each version, but I digress.

This follow-up to Diary of the Dead will likely continue the trend of this series having an odd timeline where technology exists outside of time. This new film will be set on an island mere weeks after the initial outbreak. Dead relatives rise from their graves will the townsfolk argue about whether to kill or preserve the living dead in the hope of a cure.

As for the cast? It was a list of names of people I have never heard of.

28 Weeks Later Sequel May Have a Director

Rumors are beginning to fly around concerning a new film in the 28 xxx franchise. The first film was directed by Danny Boyle and successfully reinvented the zombie genre without even being a zombie film. Boyle stepped to the back and produced the sequel that featured Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in the director's chair, and another classic was born. That second film ended ready for a sequel and now it seems we are closer to a new film and that is not a bad thing.

Arrow in the Head is reporting that UK director Paul Andrew Williams will be slipping into the director's chair for the new film, tentatively titled 28 Months Later. Slash Film takes it a step further and says that Danny Boyle has an idea for the new film and that it will be set in Russia.

While this is still just rumor at this point, I am excited about this news as both of those films are just really great to watch. The series provides strong characters and visceral excitement, not to mention stories that work. I just hope that if this third film does move forward that quality remains a priority.

Night of the Demons Remake Begins Shooting

In 1988 Kevin Tenney directed what has become something of a cult film. Night of the Demons has enjoyed a certain level of success over the past twenty years and now Hollywood is trading on the name. It will be interesting to see how it pays off. Shocktillyoudrop.com is reporting that principal photography has begun for the remake in New Orleans.

The original film centered on a Halloween party gone horribly wrong. Demons are unleashed and killing commences, leaving a house of dead teens in its wake. We can only hope that this new version remembers what made the first one so memorable.

The new film is being directed by Adam Gierasch, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jace Anderson. Their cast includes Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, and Diora Baird. It is also reported that Linnea Quigley will be returning for the remake. If you don't know the name, make sure you go back and check out the original film, as well as Return of the Living Dead for some of her most memorable work.

Oscars to Feature Movie Ads

Here is an interesting little tidbit. ComingSoon.net is reporting that for the first time ever, the 2009 Oscar telecast will feature commercials for movies. Funny, I cannot say I ever noticed no movie ads during the program.

It would seem that the Oscar show is already one big long commercial for movies, as well as a potentially unhealthy dose of backslapping as they recognize their own. Now, I won't lie, I like the Oscars. They are my favorite awards show of the year and I am sure to watch (the only others I like are the Golden Globes and the Primetime Emmys).

The appearance of these commercials do not come without their rules. None of the commercials can be for nominated films, none of the films can be in theaters yet, and this must be their first showing. On top of that, each distributor will only get one slot. Hopefully, they will make them count.

This isn't really big or important news, but it is interesting having never realized they weren't there all along. On February 22, 2009 we will get a first look at something.

Does Green Lantern Have a Ringbearer?

Latinoreview.com has consulted an unnamed source within Warner Brothers regarding casting on the fast tracked Green Lantern flick. First it was to disprove rumors that they were looking at Seth Green, Justin Long, or David Boreanaz to take the lead. These all proved to be false, although Boreanaz would not be a bad choice.

They go on to report the source named the one closest to the role could be none other than Ryan Gosling. Yes, he of Notebook, Lars and the Real Girl, and Mickey Mouse Club fame. Interesting choice. There is no denying that he is a good actor, but I wonder if he has the physicality to play a superhero? He has never struck me as an imposing person, but I guess given the motivation and the proper story he could pull it off. So, sure, I guess I could buy into this if it proves to be true.

I must say that I would like to see Nathan Fillion in the role. The Firefly/Serenity star strikes me as having the "it" factor to play Hal Jordan (GL's real name). He can command the screen and has a way of playing a range of emotions that could be needed.

Well, time will tell. I am just excited about a Green Lantern film.

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