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News Bites: Control-Alt-Delete, New Eastwood Film, World War Z, The Host to be Remade, X-Men: First Class

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As I always try to look for some new way to expand my offerings, I have decided to keep an eye out across the world of entertainment news and try my hand at news reporting/commentary on stories that catch my eye. Obviously, I cannot cover everything. What I will do is catch whatever I can as I can and hope that it delivers something new to you.

WB and a Common Computer Command

This is just a small piece of news, but the concept description is enough to grab my attention. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Brothers has picked up the spec script from Tim Kelleher and Danny Zuker called Control-Alt-Delete. There is a combination of words familiar to anyone who has ever used a computer!

Here is the brief description: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meets The Matrix.

Intrigued? Yeah, me too.

Sounds like a job for Keanu Reeves, right? Perhaps they could bring back Alex Winter, too. I love the Bill & Ted movies as well as The Matrix series (well, at least the first one). The two concepts could marry well, but it could also be an absolute disaster. Still, being a fan I have to be at least a little bit interested. Obviously this is not a guarantee that the film will be made, but it is a step in the right direction and a step that every writer with a screenplay likes to hear.

Tim Kelleher is best known as a character actor, and has only one produced credit, the Disney film First Kid. Danny Zuker has had a long career writing for television shows, including Roseanne and Just Shoot Me!

Eastwood to Helm Supernatural Themed Film

Here is some interesting news coming out of Variety: Clint Eastwood is set to direct a supernatural thriller titled Hereafter. I do not recall Clint tackling this genre before, but is there any doubt that he would do a wonderful job? Did not think so.

The plot details are being kept under close guard, but it is said to be in the vein of The Sixth Sense. Hopefully not so much as to be a rehash, but I doubt that is the case. The spec script was penned by Peter Morgan, whose most recent credit is Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon.

My thoughts keep coming back to Clint directing a supernatural thriller. The man is an absolutely incredible director and he shows no signs of slowing down. He was behind the recent drama Changeling and he has Gran Torino coming next month, not to mention the back to back releases of Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima in 2006, and is currently preparing the Nelson Mandela centered The Human Factor.

World War Z Has a Director

Hot off of Quantum of Solace, the latest James Bond film, director Marc Forster has been tapped to direct the adaptation of World War Z for Paramount pictures. The news comes from Variety and the project sounds fascinating.

The film is based on a novel by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft). It concerns a worldwide zombie outbreak that pretty much decimates the planet. However, this is not about the war, although I am sure plenty of it will be shown; it concerns a researcher for a UN post-war commission putting together the details of the apocalyptic  event. He interviews survivors from around the globe, collecting their first-hand accounts of the outbreak and war.

I have not read the novel, although that premise makes me want to. Any fan of zombie films has to be interested in seeing this one. It sounds like an original concept that could make for a classic piece of zombie cinema. One can only hope that it lives up to its promise.

The Host to be Remade by Universal

Variety is reporting that Korean monster movie The Host will be remade under the Universal banner with Pirates of the Caribbean and Mouse Hunt director Gore Verbinski on board to produce. The movie was a huge hit in Korea and has gained favorable ground in the States, although it never had a meaningful theatrical release.

Since it is a remake many fans are crying foul: Hollywood has no creativity, remakes are always bad, blah, blah, all the standard arguments against. Believe me, I hear you. More often than not the remakes are made by committee and studio executives sap the original story's creativity and any aspect that helped make it stand out in order to get a remake order in the first place. Funny how things like that work, isn't it? Of course, remakes are not always bad, just look at The Thing, The Ring, and Quarantine (I liked it). But for every good one, there is a Ring 2, The Grudge 2, Shutter, One Missed Call, and Shall We Dance?.

I like the work that Verbinski has turned in, with the previously mentioned Pirates films and Mouse Hunt, plus he was behind the successful remake of Ringu. With his positive remake experience perhaps his producer role will help him shepherd this new take on The Host to another success.

Fredrik Bond, a current commercial director who has worked with New Balance, Levi's, Absolut, and others, is on board to direct. Smart People writer Mark Poirier is lined up to handle the screenwriting duties.

Fox Moving Forward with X-Men: First Class

I guess it was only a matter of time. Variety is reporting that Fox is actively pursuing a new set of X-Men films. To that end they have hired Josh Schwartz to write X-Men: First Class.

The franchise has been quite profitable to the studio, with the first three films topping the one billion dollar mark worldwide. They have a few films already on the slate, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine coming next year, a Magneto film in the works, and a possible Deadpool film under consideration, based on the character appearing in Wolverine and played by Ryan Reynolds.

Now, First Class would offer up new franchise possibilities as it is to focus on the younger mutants, including some that have appeared in the films already like Rogue, Iceman, Jubilee, Angel, Shadowcat, and Colossus. A younger cast means more potential for sequels.

Josh Schwartz is the creative mind behind television shows like Gossip Girl, The OC, and Chuck. Frankly, when I see those first two titles, I am worried of what could become our beloved mutants, but being a fan of Chuck, I see the potential. I guess time will tell which way this will go.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    One of the things that made The Host so great was the humour, so let’s hope Hollywood doesn’t leave that element out of the remake. I think it could be okay, generally, although I’m far from enthralled with Gore Verbinski.