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News Analysis from Israel: Suppressing the News – Why Is This So?

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The slanting of the world's media against Israel and Jews is such an old story that it barely seems to be news. But, in fact, it goes on daily. Hamas has made a concerted effort to drive the residents of S'derot out of their homes for the last several months, and having imported enough arms and rockets to do so, they are now proceeding to attain to their goals. The only reason that it is worth keeping the total incompetent of a Security Minister, Amir Peretz, in office is that he himself comes from S'derot, and when a rocket hits from Hamas, it exposes yet another stain on the incompetents who are ruining Israel – his very own home is threatened, yet under orders from the United States, there is no massive retaliation to destroy the nest of murder breeding in Gaza.

Ynetnews, the English on-line version of the left-wing Hebrew newspaper, Yediot AHronot, has reported in detail on the western media's suppression of the story of the Arab attempts to drive out the residents of S'derot. Some of what is presented as the limp-wristed excuses of the American and European media are amusing, but here is the bottom line.

Only when Israel began to respond to the attacks by aerial bombings, cannons and tanks did this part of the world receive attention from the American media.

Only when the Jew strikes back against his attackers do the media overseas even attempt to note the fact. When Arabs attempt day in and day out to kill us, well it just doesn't seem to matter. Jewish blood was cheaper than herring sixty-five years ago, a fact that hasn't changed.

But this is not a screed about the world media's discrimination against Jews. Indians murder Indians in communal riots all the time and it doesn't seem to matter. Sudanese Arabs murder Sudanese Arabs and it is barely worth a sneeze of coverage. Somalis get killed daily in Mogadishu. They are not white, they are not rich, they are not Christians – who needs to give a damn? Who needs to know?


Not exactly.

My friend, Aryeh Gallin, president of the Root & Branch Association Ltd., had occasion to visit the United States recently, and he spent a great deal of time in Westchester County, in New York State. During this visit, Westchester County, which is where he grew up, was hit by a series of massive storms and floods that reduced it to a federal emergency area that is now receiving aid from FEMA and other agencies of the United States government.

He wrote, in part,

I visited my parents in Westchester, New York from Tuesday, April 17 to Tuesday, April 24, returning home to Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday, April 25.
My parents are very well, baruch HaShem.

Westchester, New York is not well, having now been declared a disaster area qualifying for Federal disaster relief aid following mini-Katrina like storms and floods that ended on Sunday, April 15. The area where my parents live was not affected, but low lying sections of the county, near the water, were drowned, flooded and smashed up, including … Rye, Mamaroneck and Bronxville. We saw the horror stories on TV day after day.
I never saw such scenes happening where I live, or heard about them, until this past year.

Aryeh, in his e-mail, also wrote of seeing the destruction caused by a storm a few months ago that did hit the area where his parents and sister live. While they were unhurt, entire hillsides had their trees smashed up and scattered around. Even in his parents' garden, a giant tree was missing. It had been knocked down by the previous storm; but, miraculously, fell sideways and not on top of his parents' house, which sits on a hillside, below the tree.

When I googled up "storms in Westchester County, 2007" this morning (17 May), I got a grand total of forty two entries dating back to 19 April. This total of forty two stories included duplicates, and were sorted by date, with duplicates included. Without the duplicates, there were twelve stories.

Westchester County is white, located near the biggest city in the United States, rich (excessively so) and heavily Christian or secular Jewish. All they rated was forty two stories – including the storms that have lashed Westechester County in the last two or three days?


Recombinomics.com, which follows the bird flu and its spread very carefully, noted an outbreak in Gaza and in Israel on 10 May. There was nary a peep about it in the local news here, let alone elsewhere. At Flutrackers.com as well as at Recombinomics.com, Dr. Niman, who runs Recombinomics, notes that

The recent H5N1 sequence data out of the Middle East and Western Africa further support a paradigm shift in the understanding of evolution. The recent data strongly indicate that single nucleotide changes, previously thought to be due to random mutations, are really genetic changes acquired by recombination and are not due to de novo mutations resulting from copy errors. The selection of copy errors represents the previous understanding of genetic evolution and drug resistance, but the current data indicates that rapid change is through selection of recombinants.

H5N1 evolution provides a model for rapid evolution in a natural setting. The growing sequence database provides examples of how influenza genes evolve over time, and the recently discovered Qinghai strain (clade 2.2) firmly ties this evolution to migratory birds.

The bird flu can kill, and in spite of claims made that there are vaccines to deal with it, the fact of the matter is that there is no known cure, and no known way of preventing the bird flu from spreading. This news about changes in the way the virus recombines is news of a major nature, both from the point of view of public health, and from the point of view of understanding evolution, generally.

Nary a peep in the media.


This is, in my opinion, prima facia evidence of suppression and censorship of news. The very first place that news is censored is at the editor's desk, where a person who has to choose so many stories to fit so many column inches or so many broadcast seconds has to decide which story goes in and which one is left on the cutting floor. Editors in most publications and news outlets, are by the very nature of the media they work in, censors. At Blogcritics Magazine, we have quite a number of professional writers and artists contributing, not to mention editors. And fortunately, here there is no limit to column inches or broadcast seconds. So the kind of censorship that most editors must engage in merely to meet a deadline does not happen here. But nobody here seems to notice the kind of suppression of news I talk about. Or if they do, they are not talking about it.

I have my own theories as to why this is so, but given that there are plenty of writers and editors who can comment intelligently, I'm throwing the floor open to comments. It seems evident to me that there is a great deal of suppression of news occurring, but I would like to hear from others if you believe this is true, and if so, why.

Wishing you all Sabbath Peace from Ma'aleh Levona in the mountains of Samaria.

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About Ruvy

Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • Graham McKnight

    Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History ~ Norman Finkelstein

    Do not confuse hatred of Israel’s foreign policy with anti-semitism. I detest the way in which successive Israeli Prime Ministers from Ben Gurion onwards have treated the indigenous Palestinian population, yet I afford a Jewish person the same human rights as a Palestinian.

    It would be the fault of one’s listeners to confuse my critique of a nation’s foreign policy with race hate.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Beyond Hutzpá, eh, Gordon?

    If you take idiots like Norman Finkelstein seriously, you have my deepest sympathy. But as I said in the article, this is not a screed on the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slant of much of the media. This is not about foreign policy. Al t’balbél et ha’inyán!! (Don’t confuse the issue!!)

    “yet I afford a Jewish person the same human rights as a Palestinian.”

    Why thank you saheeb! Al t’balbél et ha’rósh!! (Stop talking bullshit!!)

    This is about the deliberate suppression of news by the mainstream media, and not merely about Qassam attacks.

    The other two examples here are designed to give the lie to the post-colonialist approach of fools like Chomsky and Finkelstein and their followers – people like you, evidently. The suppression of news doesn’t have only to do with race and class, though it is very tempting to draw that conclusion. Hence the examples about the storms in Westchester County in New York, and the bird flu – which is giving shivers to lots of property insurance types and re-insurance types – and which is also proving that evolution moves at a double speed march, not at a stately and slow pace.

    Any thoughts about the suppression of the news, Gordon?

  • Graham McKnight

    Yeah, the American media is pro-Israel

  • Nancy

    Ruvy, I’d tend to extrapolate that the slant is that the media feel that people don’t give a damn about storm damage to the homes of the (relatively) wealthy, well-off, & comfortable – unless of course they get wiped out completely, as in Malibu, in which case it becomes a story – rather than that it’s part of a vast anti-semitic media conspiracy. I hate to say so, but I think you’re seeing anti-semites under the bed where there are none, altho given where you live & under the circumstances, that’s entirely understandable. Happy shabbat, BTW.

  • MBD

    “The slanting of the world’s media against Israel and Jews is such an old story that it barely seems to be news.”

    Yeah… especially in the United States. I see it in the headlines all the time…

  • Ruvy,

    Hence the examples about the storms in Westchester County in New York

    The storms are a poor example to prove your point.

    First of all, the entire northeastern quadrant of the country was affected, not just Westchester.

    Secondly, the storms, while significant, were nothing compared to a good healthy hurricane, or even the tornadoes that struck in Kansas and elsewhere over the past several weeks, especially in terms of loss of life.

    And why would news about storms be suppressed? The stories about hurricanes are featured to the point they become irritating and boring, as are stories about blizzards, droughts, and tornadoes.

    We have a saying here in Florida about TV hurricane coverage: “all hurricane, all the time” – most of us would rather watch a good ball game (with occasional forecast breaks) after the first hour or so, but the stations literally cancel all regular programming and just broadcast repetitive BS 24/7; over and over, until the storm is no longer a threat.

    In short, it just wasn’t all that newsworthy; I really doubt the news was deliberately suppressed.

  • MBD

    “I really doubt the news was deliberately suppressed.”

    Very profound!

  • “I really doubt the news was deliberately suppressed.”

    Very profound!

    Thanks, pup!

  • STM

    Ruvy, with respect, I’d suggest that you guys don’t do yourselves any favours with the kinds of comments addressed to me earlier such as describing the British as the real enemy of your people, rather than the Germans (or the Nazis, to be more precise). You lost me there, old boy … as the organisations we were talking about – and more specifically the radicals in Lehi, Irgun and the Haganeh, and I’ll even include Begin in this – were no better than the PLO, Hamas, al-Qaeda, the IRA, the Red Brigades, and all those who mistake mass murder for the fight for freedom.

    The means never justifies the end, and I thought you understood that and indeed had said as much in our correspondence. However, to address your primary concern here, I can tell you that within the bulk of the western media, and from where I stand right in the middle of it, the bias is certainly pro-Israel, rather than the other way around. That may have changed somewhat given the recent incidents in southern lebanon, but it is still mostly true.

    As for an anti-semitic slant in the reporting of the news, I suppose it’s all relative to how you perceive it, but here’s a classic example: a story in the news here today was discussing at great length Australia’s Judeo-Christian traditions, rather than just its Christian traditions.

  • Graham McKnight

    I agree with STM’s sentiments. The Western Media refers to Palestinian combatants as terrorists or insurgents rather than freedom fighters. For ‘freedom fighter’ you’ll need to tune into Aljazeera.

    You may not agree with Finkelstein’s politics but you got to hand the guy credit for smashing such dire arguments from the likes of Dershowitz (who, unlike Finkelstein, plagarises and trades on his status as an academic to push his argument).

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Let’s get a couple of things clear here. The example of the western media suppressing news of Qassams being launched against Israel was an example of something far more pervasive in the media in terms of anti-Israel reporting. That is addressed elsewhere far more effectively by “Palestinian Media Watch” and other sites that specialize in this kind of coverage. The reason that I do not cover it more extensively myself is that it gets to have the tone of whining after a while, and if I tell you all to get out of my country, to take your money and your soldiers and all the other decadent trash your culture stuffs down our throats, then I cannot be heard to whine (too much) if your media is bigoted in its coverage of events here.

    BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE! THE BIGOTED COVERAGE IS MERELY AN EXAMPLE. There is no vast anti-semitic conspiracy involved in not reporting (or to be precise, under-reporting) the damage that storms caused in the northeast corner of the United States. There is no vast anti-semitic coverage in the under-reporting of developments with respect to the bird flu.

    But the question is worth asking. And, given that many of you are involved in the media professionally, I’m raising that question on what is, in essence, a writers’ forum.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Stan, this is addressed to you particularly.

    Let’s be clear as to where I stand with Nazis and similar types. The Nazis had an ideology with satanic roots. Their influence is poisonous on all of us AND EVERY LAST NAZI DESERVES TO DIE – PREFERABLY SLOWLY, SO THAT THOSE OF US WHO ARE THE WOULD-BE VICTIMS CAN ENJOY THEIR SUFFERING.

    But the Nazis have been very straightforward in their attitude, and there is no mistaking their intent. One deals with a Nazi as one deals with a cockroach. This extends to all those who have been infected with the Nazi virus of hatred – particularly the Islamo-nazis. Dealing with them in any other way will not work. In order for civilized human beings to survive on this planet, all those who carry the virus of hatred like that of the Nazis must die. Period.

    So, I’m not telling you that the British are the real enemy as opposed to the Nazis. That is just not true. I’m telling you that by their deceitfulness and cowardice, the British served the cause of evil, the Nazi’s cause of evil with respect to MY people, as though they had been allied with the Nazis.

    Obviously, when attacked by Hitler’s régime, they fought back valiantly and with immense courage. But even in this fight, Jews living in the Mandate had to beg for a unit of their own to be allowed to fight the common enemy. When you talk about the kinder transports to England, bear in mind that if these children (as well as the parents) had gotten safe passage to Eretz Yisrael, they would have been fed and sheltered equally as well as they were in England, and more people would have been saved.

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but the behavior of the British government in its relations with those of us who attempted to build a state here has been worse than shameful. By shunning the Jerusalem Day ceremonies on Ammunition Hill a few days ago, they continued to pursue this shameful pattern of behavior of stabbing an alleged ally in the back, behavior pursued by the other European states, and by the United States as well.

    These governments, in their behavior, only aid and abet a movement that draws its ideological roots from a nightmarish version of Islam, mixed with a generous dose of satanic Nazi murderousness.

    It is high time for people of good will like you to recognize the truth of my words, and to ally yourselves against those who would betray your traditions of equity, fairness and even your notions of Christian mercy. This means firmly standing against the United States, your present imperial overlords, much of the British Commonwealth, Russia, China, and the European Union.

    It is a lonely place to be, and that is why it is so understandable that so few people choose it.

  • Graham McKnight

    With regards to your comment: ‘This means firmly standing against the United States, your present imperial overlords, much of the British Commonwealth, Russia, China, and the European Union.’

    I stand against imperialism, this means that I assume a negative stance on my nation’s (Britain) foreign policy. Britain smashes a people’s sovereign right to self-determination? I am angered and ashamed of my nation’s leaders.

    Israel oppresses a people’s sovereign right to self-determination? I feel angered and sympathise with the Palestinians as they endure several generations of oppression at the behest of Israeli national leaders.

    There are no exceptions to the rule. I agree with your view (of course) that Islamic propaganda against the ‘Zionist entity’ is completely unacceptable. I also believe that Israeli foreign policy (such as razing entire Jordanian villages to the ground, denying that Palestinians even exist, attempting to carve up the State of Lebanon and encroaching upon the West Bank in an apparent attempt to dilute its potential to become an independent State) did and does nothing to encourage peaceful co-existance.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Rather than blindside you with an answer to your assertions that you’ll not understand, I’ll give you the chance to understand my viewpoints. Read this article which I wrote here in January, Ruminations of the Future of the People of Israel. The section you need to read is the first section, the definitions I set forth. Also please read this article as well as this one and its brother so that you can clearly understand my point of view, and why I say much that I do.

    Rest assured, I do understand your arguments all too well. I’ve come across them often enough.

    As for Stan Denham, I’ve hurt his feelings. For all of his good-natured ribbing of Poms, he is honestly proud of his British background and, more to the point, he has lived in this part of the world for a time (in Iraq, I believe). He KNOWS his history, and while we differ on some points, I respect his knowledge greatly, gained both on the ground here, from his father, and from his work in journalism. He is very different from the arrogant ignoramuses at CBS News of the Columbia Broadcasting System who send their star reporters and newsreaders here with the merest sniff of a backgrounding of the story they are to cover.

    Nevertheless, I’ve been honest and truthful with him, and not hateful, as he perceives me to be. I can only hope he understands that.

  • Graham McKnight

    I am very uncomfortable with people using the Bible as justification for their arguments as it is an unreferenced source. I also hold Edward Said in high regard as a post-colonial historian.

    When you write an article that discusses ‘the destiny of my people, the people of Israel’, you are according to most people constructing an argument that is loaded with all manner of contentious issues. I know you are aware of this fact; I hold your intellect in higher regard than you do mine. Where we differ, though, is that you appear to place a lot of faith in the Tanakh, whereas I cannot.

    Religion is as much a cause of human misery as Nazisim.

  • Religion is as much a cause of human misery as Nazisim.

    and communism.

  • MBD

    Religion is as much a cause of human misery as Nazisim (sic),

    and Communism,

    but Imperialism surpasses them all.

  • STM

    Ruvy wrote: “As for Stan Denham, I’ve hurt his feelings. For all of his good-natured ribbing of Poms, he is honestly proud of his British background.”

    Well, you haven’t exactly hurt his feelings – but he doesn’t agree with the premise, and knows the background, White Paper included.

    Simply, Ruve, you know as well I do there was a lot more to it, and that’s where we need to be honest.

    And yes, good-natured ribbing it is. Loving to hate the English is a lot different to actually hating them. Am I proud of this country’s anglo/celtic British heritage? You betcha.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I know you’ll find this hard to credit, but in spite of all the negative things I say (and will continue to say) about the United States, I’m proud of my American background. Once, America was a great country, and I was lucky enough to live in it for a short time when it was. And I’m not ungrateful. The United States of America, under the benevolent Shadow of the New Colussus in New York Harbor, afforded shelter to my grandparents, parents and to me, giving us all a respite from the murderous Jew hatred stalking the world, and giving all of us a chance to rise above the terrible poverty that afflicted the decaying Pale of Settlement in the late unlamented Russian Empire.

    But, I have to face facts. While, by and large, Americans tend to support Israel and, by and large, Americans are not filled with Jew-hatred (unlike Europeans, particularly continental Europeans), the American State Department, and other portions of its government under the influence of the Council of Foreign Relations, has been anti-Israel from long before the existence of the State. In addition, there has been a price to pay for the multi-generational “vacation” from Jew-hatred – the price of assimilation. Assimilation is the kinder, gentler version of the gas chamber and auto da fé. There are no riots, no violence – only the tears in the hearts of the parents who do indeed understand that the Tribe is being washed away. An Irish American or Italian American (or Irish Australian or Italian Australian) may feel he has no choice but to call this progress. We Jews do have a choice – walking out to our own homeland – and thank G-d some of us make it. This price was foreseen by Israel Zangwill, in his 1900 play, “The Melting Pot”.

    And going beyond my parochial worries of Jew-hatred, the United States is no longer the great country it was. Its culture is filled with pornography and violence, its food companies routinely poison the populace because it is profitable (I know whereof I speak – I managed a Burger King for twelve years), its fashion moguls spread anorexia and unhealthy body imagery among women and girls because it is profitable, etc., etc., etc. The virtual pages of Blogcritics Magazine are filled with all the et ceteras of which I speak.

    So, you should get the picture. But, that is not the worst part of it. The worst part is that American corporations, in eternal worship of Mammon, have done their level best to spread this poisonous lifestyle world-wide, and stupid Israeli secular élites (among others) have aped it like so many simians in a zoo. It is an insult to women when a twelve year old girl strips naked in the streets of Tel Aviv because she could win a dress (or so many shekels) from a store there – and calls it “feminism”!

    This is not the place to discuss the American invasion of Iraq or the war in Vietnam.

    I say all this in the tone of the man who wrote “Cry the Beloved Country”, a man deeply saddened by the race hatred and racial persecution that plagued his native land.

    Again, think I understand the reasons for the fall of the United States from its great heights to its present state of decay. I think they are to be found in the Tana”kh because I have faith in the truth of the Tana”kh and more importantly, I have faith in He Who inspired it. So far as I am concerned, it has the best Reference that could possibly exist – Divine Inspiration.

    But I digress.

    This article is not about the Middle East or the fall of the United States, nor even about my contempt for a Power that betrayed its trust to my people. It is about the suppression of news.

    Let’s take a look at the bird flu.

    The bird flu, if it evolves into the killer the Spanish flu was nine decades ago, will decimate the planet of human habitation. It hasn’t yet, and the issue that is the chief concern is the speed of the evolution of the virus from one primarily affecting wild birds and poultry to one killing us off.

    In googling up “bird flu – evolution”, I have found, all tolled, 39 stories when duplicates were omitted, with an additional 120 duplicates). From what I could see, none of them sourced Recombinomics.com except mine. One would think that a threat to a minimum of seven million people – a quarter of the population of Australia – would generate a bit more attention…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “However, to address your primary concern here, I can tell you that within the bulk of the western media, and from where I stand right in the middle of it, the bias is certainly pro-Israel, rather than the other way around.

    Sure. Check out this letter to CNN and the New York Times

    The letter characterizes the coverage of the events here by the Grey Lady, the Washington Post, and CNN with stinging accuracy. Added to the list could be the BBC, CBC, Reuters, Agencé Presse France, and the AP. I’ve probably forgotten a few, but those are the main purveyors of news across the world which come to mind.

    Oh, and let’s not forget National “Palestine” Radio (NPR).

  • S.T.M

    Bloody hell, Ruve … are you up really late (much later than me) or up very bloody early? I get a bit lost on the time zones when they’re not in front of me (which they’re not). I agree, though, some western media outlets that are a bit left do display some pro-Palestinian bias, but it seems to be counterbalanced by those that don’t – here anyway. I can’t speak for the whole world, but I daresay Oz is a microcosm.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    First of all, I posted this at 11:02 a.m. NEW YORK time, which is 19:02 Jerusalem time. I don’t know about Australia…

    It’s 10:20 at night here. What time is it there?

    Second, I would suspect the the Australian media is less anti-Israel than the American or European media. The sympathy with Israelis runs deeper in Oz. Your perspective, therefore, is not a surprise.

  • Graham McKnight

    Perhaps a moot point with regards to this discussion on media bias, but one fact to consider in the large contributions that the US have made and continue to make to the Israeli military budget. The same treatment has not been granted to the Palestinians.

    Equally, what mainstream US media outlet refers to the Palestinian combatants as ‘freedom fighters’ rather than ‘terrorists’? I guess none? In the rare circumstances that actually do grant these combatants the title of ‘freedom fighter’, it is within their editorial sections rather than ‘world news’ sections etc.

    In short, the opinion that Western media is pro-Palestinian is at best a contested issue and at worst an insult to the largely disenfranchised Palestinians.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I see that nobody ever addressed my concerns about virus recombination in H5N1 virus and its relatives – AND THE SUPPRESSION OF NEWS ABOUT IT IN THE MEDIA.

    I might as well bang my head against a wall…

  • Would that be the wailing wall? 😉