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New York Times Lists Blog Entries For Hugh Hewitt’s Blog

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PR practitioners and publicists watch out, there’s a new way to get into and continue to be covered by the New York Times, and it isn’t by using publicity stunts. Blog, a book by author Hugh Hewitt about how blogs are changing our world and our culture, shows one example of this.

The Times section, entitled In The Blogs features all the talk on Hewitt’s book, and it continually indexes and chronicles it throughout the blogosphere. Of course, it not only indexes the good, it also indexes the bad, as well. What are bloggers saying about Hewitt’s book on blogging?

Instapundit.com features this linked response to Hugh Hewitt’s comments on GM’s blogging efforts:

HUGH HEWITT has repeatedly noted this new blog by GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz as evidence that General Motors “gets” blogs.

Naw. Lutz does, maybe, but a company as big as GM doesn’t get anything that fast. And for proof, all you need to do is to read this article from the Wall Street Journal on GM’s response to blog leaks regarding the new Corvette…

Captain’s Quarters had this to say about Hugh Hewitt’s Blog:

Just in case I get bored, I have some material I’ve promised to review and promote, and of course my copy of Hugh Hewitt’s Blog to re-read.

Daisy Cutter, noting her blog’s one-year anniversary, had this to say about Hewitt’s Blog book:

I could spend some time thanking Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Reynolds for their links, and Hugh especially for his inspiration. But they don’t read any way. One thing that Hugh said, though, in his book, Blog that caught my attention. He reasons that the thousands of blogs, each with their own spheres of influence, are powerful … each operating in places that others can not. So, I take heart in that.

Even some Blogcritics made mention on this list of mentioners, who are mentioned simply by virtue of linking to the Blog book. Take, for example, publisher Eric Olsen’s post on Dan Rather’s demise, which links to the book.

Crusty old Dan Rather checked out as CBS news anchorman last night after 24 years, his reckless crusade against the sitting president his downfall.

Or Tom Donelson’s post on the changing of the Internet guard:

2004 was the year of the Internet and the bloggers. Throughout 2004, the bloggers shaped the political debate, and the best example was the CBS fiasco. When Dan Rather and his crew decided to attack George Bush’s National Guard record, it was the bloggers who noticed that documents used against the president were fraudulent. While much of the mainstream media missed the story, the bloggers did not. This ended Dan Rather’s career and shredded CBS’ reputation. It also showed that there was a new force in the media — the Internet.

Steve Rubel, a savvy PR professional who understands the impact of blogs, is also mentioned on the list, and perhaps unsurprisingly, given his influence in the blogosphere.

I can’t wait to read this one! Hugh Hewitt’s got a new book coming out called Blog: Understand the New Information Revolution and How It Is Redefining the Media, the Culture, and Business. Here’s the publisher’s description on Amazon…

Even a certain real estate blogger was mentioned on the list.

Blogging has clearly changed a number of people’s worlds since its inception, and it continues to do so as it becomes more mainstream. How has blogging changed your world?

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