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New York Dolls to reunite

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Tom Kielty of The Boston Globe reports that: THE NEW YORK DOLLS are going to reunite at MORRISSEY’s request.

The group, which in the early-to-mid 1970s combined glam looks with proto-punk attack, has accepted an invitation to perform in June at London’s Meltdown festival after an invitation from the event’s artistic director for this year, legendary British singer Morrissey.

“He called and said that he was the president of his local New York Dolls fan club as a kid,” said Darren Hill of Ten Pin Management, who, in his role as singer David Johansen’s manager, brought the band’s surviving members together.

Johansen will be joined by original rhythm guitarist Sylvain Sylvain and bassist Arthur Kane, as well as former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Izzy Stradlin (standing in for the deceased Johnny Thunders) and LIBERTINES drummer Gary Powell (assuming a similar role for the late Jerry Nolan). Hill hinted at the possibility that other guests might join the band, including Chrissy Hynde and members of PRIMAL SCCREAM.

Hill said there was a possibility of future performances, but characterized that speculation as premature.

“They have not been in the same room for years,” Hill said, though he added, “There has been absolutely no animosity in our discussions.”

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About Marty Dodge

  • There’s something kinda creepy about this, like digging up Keith Richards’ corpse to do a voodoo ritual.

  • godoggo

    Fine idea, and, while we’re at it, I think it’s high time for a Beatles reunion.

  • Marty Thau

    If there is anything left in their bodies and souls maybe this will ignite the fires and cause their induction into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. They certainly deserve it. These guys were the fuel that drove the punk revolution and one of the most important (but overlooked) bands of the ’70s.

  • Eric Olsen

    I hope it goes that way. With 40% of the band missing – including Johnny’s guitar! – I hope they can find the sound and spirit of the band. Are these guys going to go all the way and perform in drag? That will be something, and yes, although their career was short, they deserve the Rock Hall.

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    Walter Lure is the perfect fill in for
    Johhny Thunders.He always wanted to be a
    NY Doll and carried the Heartbreakers w/
    wo JT’s help for quite some time.Better
    pick than Izzy,anyways.

  • Rayno

    Are you insane? Izzy is the only one guitar player in the world who can replace Johnny for this one unique gig.

  • Brazilian Junior

    Ei não entendi nado do que voces escreveram aqui, não da pra falar portugues??, merda… I’m drummer e quero ler isso que esta aí.
    Rio De Janeiro
    junior henrique