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New York City Radio in 2008?!

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How is New York City radio in 2008? What do you think? Is it better or worse than say, 2 years ago?


That's a tough call.

We lost CD 101 our "cool jazz" station recently, we gained some new ones. I personally enjoy listening to the radio. Whether it's when I'm in my car cruising around town or just after I get out of the shower on a Sunday, radio plays a significant role in my life. This is New York, so as a New Yorker I think we should have great radio. We live in "the city that never sleeps", "the big apple", "the center of the universe" and yes, I think its radio stations reflect that ….almost.

I've visited other cities and listened to their radio and if I had to address a weakness here, I feel it lacks in diversity of music available. Just a little bit. And how does it compare to radio stations throughout the world? Let's leave that for another article. Maybe there's a real hip station in Afghanistan I don't yet know about. Maybe satellite radio makes it easier to access various styles of music any time of the day. Does it? I personally don't listen to Satellite. Think about it, inventions like Satellite radio or TIVO make it simpler for us to enjoy certain shows when we want to enjoy them. When it comes down to it, good ole' AM and FM radio are comforting.

In this user friendly, gadget-obsessed world, I can flip through the stations (using a knob) or listen to the news in my car. I actually enjoy what I'm hearing on the airwaves these days. I can bounce from 102.7 to 101.9 and listen to some fresh sounding rock music with a catchy melody. Yet, I can also catch an acoustic live set on 90.7, Fordham University's radio station. And of course, we still have 97.1, 107.5 and 98.7 for our rap and hip-hop needs. Hofstra radio 88.7 also happens to play some excellent classic hip-hop when you tune in on weekends late at night. Depending on where you are in New York City, you can usually catch some good college radio. If your like me and your craving good tunes which aren't via Dave Matthews or Oasis (top 40 stuff) that's where our college radio stations become of value. But I'm still wondering, is our FM radio good in 2008?

I'll have to go with yes. I may not be fully satisfied with it, but it works for me. Sure, we've had our classic rock stations come and go and I was sad to see 92.7 WDRE (yes the old WLIR) vanish, but hey you can't have it all. And Stern, well, I hope his fans that don't have satellite can live.   "Stern… man I've been listenin' to him for like twenty years." How many guys have you known in your neighborhood like that? I mean come on.

Will Satellite take over radio? Not a chance. As long as there are radios in our cars, in our homes and at work, original radio is here to stay. As for our AM dial, well it seems pretty solid to me in 2008. 660, 880, and 1010 cover all the news and sports I need in 15 minutes. So overall, I think New York radio is cool. It reflects how diverse and vast our musical appetites are here. Let's face it, with our busy lifestyles, we as New Yorker's sometimes take it for granted we live in the city that never sleeps.

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