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New World of Warcraft Pandas Announced!

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It’s official, and pretty damn quickly too. The next World of Warcraft expansion will be The Mists of Panderia.

The Pandaren, originally started as an April Fools day joke by Blizzard has exploded to the point where Blizzard is officially incorporating them into their lore.

The new expansion includes the new race; the Pandaren, a new class; the monk, and obviously a new continent; Pandaria. Supposed to be a land of hope and serenity, Pandaria should be an interesting change from the doom and gloom that has dominated World of Warcraft expansions so far.

Whether the Pandaren will be the first cross-faction race is still uncertain. The Monk should be a good new class, focusing on hand-to-hand rather than any weapons. Not to mention the new talent system – perhaps the cancelled ‘Path of the Titans’ will rear its head in this expansion.

More from Blizzcon soon.

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  • You should have carried on watching the Blizzcon Steam after the opening ceremony. Chris Metzen spoke with Geoff about the expansion. The Pandaren are indeed a cross faction race.